BUY Accessories for 'Euroframe' Ticket Frames

A clip and accessory to suit every display situation.

This range Clips and Accessories are designed for the 'Euroframe' Ticket Frames.

Use these accessories to fix the 'Euroframes' to shelving, bins and baskets or to hang them from display units.

Order the Ticket Frames separately.


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XTFS4 - Basket Stand for Euroframes

XTFC9 - Suction Cup Stand for Euroframes

XTFC11 - Uniclipper for Euroframes

XTFC5 - Base Mount Clip for Euroframes - Screwable

XTFC6 - Base Mount Clip for Euroframes - Adhesive

XTFPB - Counter Top Stand for Euroframes

XTFPB1 - Counter Top Stand for Euroframes

XTFMB1WE - Magnetic Base for Euroframes - White

XTFC1 - Combination Hanging Clip for Euroframes

XTFC2 - Hanging Clip for Euroframes

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