About Slatgrid Display System

Three sizes. Three colours. Large range of accessories.

Slatgrid panels are quick and easy to install making them suitable for permanent or temporary displays.

Select from Slatgrid panels in three sizes and three colours.

Use the Wall Brackets to mount them on walls. Or add legs to create free-standing displays.

And zig-zag or triangular free-standing displays can be created with a few of the panel connectors.

About Slatgrid Panels


Slatgrid Panels consist of tough, reinforced steel mesh suitable for a range of display applications.

Unlike other mesh systems, Slatgrid has double vertical wires on the edges for extra strength. And the twin horizontal wires of Slatgrid Panels makes them compatible with most Slatwall-compatible display accessories.

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Slatgrid Panel Specifications


Slatgrid Panel Sizes:
Select from three panel sizes:
1500mm high x 600mm wide,  1800mm high x 600mm wide and  2100mm high x 600mm wide

Slatgrid Colours:
Chrome, white and black.

Slatgrid Wire Thickness:

Slatgrid Cell Size:
150mm wide x 76mm high

Slatgrid Display Options






 Add Legs to create
Free-standing displays

 Wall-mount using the
Wall Brackets

 Use the Connectors to create
Zig-Zag displays

 Or join the panels to create display towers

Slatgrid Display Accessories


The double horizontal wires of the Slatgrid Panels makes them compatible with most Slatwall Display Acessories, including:





 Clothing Side Hang Rails

 Clothing Display Arms

 Hang-Sell Hooks

 Wire Mesh Bins





 Plastic Slatbox Containers

 Brochure Holders

 Acrylic Sleeves for Graphics

 Hat Holders




 Shoe Display  Shelves

 Shelf Brackets



For more information on Display Accessories for Slatgrid Panels click here.

Slatgrid Applications






 Retail Clothing Displays

 Clothing Accessories

 Sporting Goods

 Outdoor Equipment





 Diving Equipments

 General Displays

 Tools and Small Parts