Everything for womens clothing displays from shopfittings to the finishing touches.

For all type of women's clothing retailers, including boutique fashion, sportswear and bridal.

Select from market-leader shop fitting systems that will give your clothing displays displays a lift and help stimulate impulse sales.

Plus we have a range of cost effective clothing racks, free-standing display stands, counters and showcases to suit every budget.

To finish your clothing displays there are timber and plastic garment hangers, many styles of mannequins, torsos and bodyforms.

And to help you promote you products there are promotional signs and sign stands price marking and tagging supplies and more.

  To find out more about Shopfitting and Display Products for Women's Clothing scroll down and click on the blue picture page links below: 

Shopfitting and Display System


The following are the most commonly specified Shop Fitting Systems for retailers of women's fashion. Click on the blue links below for more information.





Wall Post Display System
The post and rail system.
One of the most popular solutions for clothing displays.
Range of styles and finishes.

Slotted Stripping System
The low cost, yet
functional display system
for clothing suitable for
retailers on a tight budget.

Concealed Stripping
The minimalist retail display system that will add a contemporary, streamlined
look to any clothing display.

The sophisticated, panel
based, puck display
system for clothing. With a range of stylish accessories.





The panel-based, cost effective and space efficient display system. Endlessly adaptable and with countless creative applications.

The all-aluminum version of Slatwall with the modern metallic finish. Great for young fashions, sportswear and

he innovative yet simple solution for wall-mounted
and freestanding clothing
display units.

Transform any space in minutes with these
lightweight, aluminium poles.
A range of accessories clip to the pole to create the display.


Create low cost wall-mounted and free-standing displays
with these mesh panels.
Great for temporary shops
and market stalls.

Direct Fix Arms
The ultra low cost way of displaying clothing.
Simply screw-fix these arms
to the wall and hang your garments.


Counters, Showcases and Glass Cube Display Units


Select from functional, budget-priced or custom made counters to suit most budgets. Plus glass and acrylic display units suitable for clothing accessories and jewellery. Click on the blue links below for more information.





Budget Priced Counters
Range of styles, sizes and colours

Custom Made Counters
Designed and manufactured as part of a complete shop fitout.

Glass Cube Units
Flat-packed glass display units readily available in 3 sizes

Acrylic Showcases
Smaller units designed to sit
on counters and shelves

Mannequins, Torsos and Bodyforms for Clothing


Create eye-catching window and in-store displays with our range of high quality mannequins, torsos and bodyforms. Click on the blue links for more information:



Female Mannequins
reate eye-catching window
and in-store displays with our range of mannequins.
Select from premium and budget-priced styles

Female Torsos
The lower cost way to display clothing in windows
or in-store. Range of styles, colours and sizes.

Female Fabric
Covered Busts
Classic styled torsos with
fabric cover. Range of styles, sizes and colours.

Accessory Busts
Use these cloth-covered
busts to display fashion accessories including
scarves and larger




Female Bodyforms
Low-cost, open-back,
moulded bodyforms made
from heavy duty textured
plastic for long lasting results

Female Body Separates
Use to display swimwear
and lingerie on shelves
or counters. Several
styles and colours.



Racks and Display Stands for Clothing Displays


We have a large range of racks to suit every budget and store decor. Click on the blue links below for more information:

Clothing Racks with Rails
Single rail and double rail.
Heavy or light duty.

2, 4 and 6-Arm Racks
Several styles. Height adjustable.

Portable Racks
With castors for ease of movement

Sign Holders for Racks
To suit most styles of racks
on this web site


Merchandising Units
Compatible with the Wall
Post Display System

Slatwall Units
Select from off-the-shelf or custom made designs


Hangers for Clothing Displays


Garment Hangers in a large range of styles, sizes and finishes. Click on the blue links below for more information:

Budget Timber Hangers
For women's fashion.
Range of colours and styles.

Premium Timber Hangers
For women's fashion.
Range of colours and styles.

Plastic Hangers
For women's fashion.
Range of colours and styles.

Chrome and Aluminium
For women's fashion.

For display garments

Size Dividers
For clothing

Hanger Tidies
For garment

Hanger Grips
For selected timber

Tagging and Price Marking


Help your customers make informed buying decisions by clearly displaying prices and product information on your garments. Click on the blue links below for more information:





Tag Attacher Guns
and Attachments

Price Labelling Guns
and Labels

Security Loops
and Fasteners

String Tags
and other tags

Point-of-Sale and Promotional Products


A large range of Showcards, Price Tickets, Posters and Banners to help you attract customers into you shop and to maximise their impulse purchases:




Price Point Showcards
These will help your
customers make their
buying decisions

" % OFF " Showcards
A popular range of
eye-catching showcards
in two sizes

Promotional Showcards
and many more titles

Price Tickets
Two types: Reuseable
and Non-Reuseable, in
a range of effective designs


XL Showcards
Double sided showcards
up to 100cm x 75cm. Great
for window displays

Including the popular Continuous Posters
on a roll

Banners for Outside
In a range of popular
titles including

Adhesive Labels
The quick and easy way
to mark down the prices
of your merchandise