BUY Light Duty Single Prong Pegboard Display Hooks #2

SPECIAL Light duty Pegboard Hooks in Chrome Black or Shite.

The Light Duty Pegboard Hooks listed on this page are a special range of hooks at special prices and are available in chrome, black or white. The minimum order quantity is 500 hooks and they must be ordered in multiples of 500 hooks.

This range is compatible with most types of Masonite-style pegboard, punched metal pegboard and Slatwall. The hooks are made from 4mm chrome plated steel and feature a gently up-sloping tip to make it easy for your customers to remove the merchandise from the hook and for your staff to restock your displays.

Limited quantities are held in stock but they are readily available from a Sydney warehouse. Allow 2-7 days for delivery depending on your location.

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About the Special Light Duty Single Prong Pegboard Display Hooks


This range of Pegboard Hooks is similar to our Standard Light Duty Single Prong Hooks but are lower priced and are available in Chrome, Black and White. They are suitable for light duty applications and are compatible with the display systems shown below. Different styles of Pegboard Hooks are required for the different types of display system.





 Masonite-style Pegboard
This type of pegboard is typically made from 4.7mm
or 6.5mm thick fibreboard or Masonite with holes spaced on a 25mm grid. It is typically used in older style gondola shelving and in domestic applications.

 Punched Metal Pegboard
Punched metal pegboard is made from flat 1mm thick sheet steel. It has holes punched on a 25mm grid. It
is typically used in light to medium duty gondola shelving. Spacers are required to keep the hooks horizontal.

 'Volcano-style Metal Pegboard
This type of steel pegboard is used in heavier duty premium quality gondola shelving.
The holes are punched into 1mm thick sheet steel with
a countersunk-like shape.
Spacers are not required.

 Slatwall and Similar Products
Slatwall is made from 16mm or 18mm thick MDF boards with horizontal grooves. Pegboard hooks and other display accessories clip in to aluminium extrusions inserted into these grooves.

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PGPS - Plastic Spacer for Pegboard Hooks

Bag of 100
  • For use with flat Punched Metal Pegboard. 
  • Keeps the Pegboard Hook horizontal.
  • Availability: Stock line. Most orders despatched within 24-48 hours.
  • Bulk Buy Bag Prices: 10-49: $35.20 each.  50: $33.00 each.
  • Email us for a price for 100+

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