About Data Strip Ticket Stripping for Retail Labelling

Data Strip Ticket Stripping will help you label faster, scan better, save time and money and increase sales.

Data Strip plastic profiles are a complete shelf edge labelling and ticketing system designed to hold your price and information labels in different situations.

Select from a range of styles from self-adhesive for shelf fronts to hanging and clip-on versions. Most styles are available in several colours to enhance your displays.

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To maximise the life of your Data Strips we recommend reading our Data Strip Installation Instructions.


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What Are Data Strips?


Data Strips and Label PVC extrusions with a clear fronts and a clear or coloured backs. They are used to display price, barcodes and other product information on shelf edges, on bins and baskets, in fridges and on the ends of display hooks.

The clear front panels protect your labels and are highly transparent to ensure your labels are easy to read with accurate scanning of barcodes.

Data Strips are available in a variety of profiles (or shapes) to suit most retail labelling applications. A range of compatible accessories complete this effective labelling system.

Flat Data Strip
Profiles with
Adhesive Backs
The original Data Strip profile with clear or coloured backs

Flat Data Strip Profiles
with Adhesive Backs
and Ticket Gripper
The new Data Strip profile with the built-in "Grip Strip" for adding promotional signage

Angled Data Strip
Profiles with
Adhesive Strips
Suitable for glass shelves or improving visibility on low shelves

Hanging Data Strip
Profiles with Hanging
For adding price and information labels to baskets and wire shelf fronts




Data Strip
Profiles for
Special adhesive and
clip-on styles for
refrigerated cabinets

Clip-on Data Strip
Profiles for
Glass Shelves
Non-adhesive profile for labelling glass shelves
and front shelf risers

Data Strip Profiles
for Flipper
Display Hooks
Label folders for the ends
of Flipper Hooks. Standard
and "Grip Strip" styles

Clips and
for Data Strips
Clips to hold promotional material on standard profiles plus wobbler strips and more

Features and Benefits of Data Strip


Data Stripping is the simplest and easiest way of adding price and descriptive labels to your product displays.

Easy To Use

Installation is easy. See Data Strip Installation Instructions and Tips for more information.

For the adhesive profiles simply simply gently prise open the clear plastic front for fast label changes. Release the pressure and the Data Strip automatically springs completely shut to hold your label securely in place.

The new "Grip Strip" Data Strip profiles have a unique finger ridge designed to make the clear fronts very easy to open. Your staff will love it... no more broken finger nails.

Range of Styles

Select from adhesive types for the fronts of shelves. There are styles suitable for metal gondola, board and glass shelves.

The new clip-on style is ideal for glass shelves particularly for applications where you need to move the Data Strip and/or the labels. Hanging versions of Data Strip are designed to display labels on baskets and wire shelf fronts. Specialised profiles are available for labelling shelves in refrigeration. With Data Stripping you only need one product to add price and descriptive labels throughout your store.

Range of Colours

The more commonly specified Data Strip profiles are available with coloured backing including red, black, blue, green, grey and white. Or subject to minimum order quantities and manufacturing lead times the colours can be matched those of your corporate identity.

Use coloured Data Strips to match or contrast with existing shelf colours. Or colour-code different departments within your store. Coloured Data Strips can also be used to reflect the nature of your business ... green for garden supplies, blue for marine merchandise etc.

100% Barcode Scanability

The clear front panel of the Data Strip protects your label and keeps them clean.

The design of the Data Strip includes a 'roof' over the sleeve to protect your labels from dirt, moisture and wear. Labels are kept clean, are easier to read and scan accurately and will last longer.

Long Life

Data Strip features a superior, flexible front panel 'memory'. Even after many years of opening it springs back in to its original position ensuring your labels are held securely in place.

The adhesive used to manufacture Data Strips is the best in the world. Once adhered to the shelves it is there to stay. It will not fall off. And it is unlikely to separate from the shelves even in very busy retail environments.

Improved Label Visibility

Use flat profile Data Strips to label shelves at or around eye height.

The Angled Data Strip profiles are designed to give better visibility on lower shelves.

The highly transparent fronts of all Data Strips profiles make all of your labels easier to scan and read by your staff and, more importantly, your customers.

Help Increase Sales

Use the Data Strip to help increase sales at the point of purchase.

With Ticket Gripper profile there is a ticket gripper along the length of the Data Strip to display promotional signs anywhere along its length. And change the signs in a flash.

With the standard Data Strip profiles use the Data Strip Display Accessories to display your promotional signs.

Renovate Your Displays

With the large range of Data Strip styles and colours it is easy and cost effective to renovate the appearance of tired old shelving. There is no need to invest in new shelves.

Just clean the shelves and apply the new Data Strips for a professional result. No more torn and dirty labels. And no messy sticky tape, blu-tack or remnants of old double sided tape.

Applications for Data Strips


Applications for Data Strips include:


 Supermarkets and
Convenience Stores

 Hardware and

 Garden and
Outdoor Supplies

 Marine and
Rural Supplies




Plumbing and Bathroom



Pet Care

Health and Beauty