Display Solutions for Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and Developers

Whether you want to upgrade the image of your real estate business by creating professional, minimalist window displays or just display a few brochures or photos, we have the solutions:

  • 'Cable' Suspended Window Displays
  • Wall-mounted, Counter-top or Free-standing Brochure Displays
  • Poster and large-format graphics display solutions
  • Business card holders
  • Catalogue dispenser units

Plus there is a range of low cost shelving solutions for archive storage.


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Graphics Display Solutions for Real Estate Agents


The following are the most commonly specified means of displaying property information cards and other graphics in the windows and within the offices of Real Estate Agencies. Click on the blue links below for more information.





'Cable' Window Displays
The minimalist and
professional suspension
cabling system for window displays. With crystal clear acrylic sleeves that minimise
fading of your photos.

Acrylic Display Sleeves
The quick and easy way
to displaying property information cards and posters
in your local supermarket,
club or anywhere prospective clients gather.

The modular interior display
and signage solution that
allows you to create large
tiled displays on walls in
your foyer or behind
reception desks.

Snap Poster Frames
The smart and professional
way to mount printed material
on walls. Use to display staff photos, awards, qualifications and certificates or photos
Sizes from A5 to A0.





Light Boxes
New for
Create highly visible displays day or night with our low-cost, ultra thin LED light boxes.
Sizes from A4 to A0.

Poster Hanging Systems
The quick, easy and smart
way of displaying large, wide format graphics in windows, within your offices or at
functions and events. Select from plastic or aluminium.


Brochure and Catalogue Display Solutions for Real Estate Agents


The following are some of the ways of displaying brochures, leaflets and catalogues in real estate agencies. Click on the blue links for more information.




Wall-mounted Brochure
Space-efficient wall displays
of brochures in your reception area or office.

Counter-top Brochure
Quick and easy solutions to displaying brochures on reception counters, on
shelves, anywhere.

Free-standing Brochure
High capacity, free-standing brochure display solutions for offices.

Business Card
Single-pocket and multi-pocket business card holders for counters. And high-capacity displays for walls.

Slatwall Wall-mounted
Brochure Displays
Create multi-functional,
eye-catching displays for all your graphics and brochures with the Slatwall panel-based display system

Outdoor Brochure Holders
Protect your valuable brochures and leaflets when displayed in harsh environments. Suitable for mounting outside your offices, on real estate signs and A-Frames.

Acrylic Catalogue
Dispenser Units
With high quality clear acrylic tops and heavy chromed steel bases. Models f to suit
A4 or A3 catalogues and brochures.

Wire Catalogue
Dispenser Units
A popular solution for
displaying Real Estate
Guides and other catalogues
at the entrances to offices. 

Miscellaneous Display Products for Real Estate Agents


Click on the blue links for more information.





Coin Donation
Use to foster
community spirit

Business Card
Collection Boxes
Use to collect business cards
or as a suggestion box.

Acrylic Sign
Large range of sizes
and styles.

Combo Acrylic
Sign Sleeve
To display brochures and signs in the same display unit.





A-Frames and
Footpath Signs
Buy the frame only or with the acrylic panels for sign-writing.

Snap A-Frames
Use to display paper signs
and posters. Convenient
front loading design.


Storage Solutions for Real Estate Agents

! can supply several styles of low cost and functional Shelving Systems for storeroom and general storage. Click on the blue links for more information.





Z-Beam Shelving for
Archive Storage
Our most popular shelving solution. Holds up to
200kg per shelf.

Rivet Shelving for
General Storage
Functional, medium duty shelving solution available in sizes to suit many uses.

Chrome Wire
Chrome mesh shelving
suitable for storeroom or
office applications.

Heavy Duty
Longspan Shelving
The heavy duty shelving
capable of carrying loads
of up to 1000kg per shelf.





Slotted Stripping for
Storeroom Storage
The low cost wall-mounted shelving system for light to medium weight applications

Glass and Board Shelving
for Storeroom Storage
Low cost and a range of sizes and colours. For use with the Slotted Stripping Shelving.