For fresh food displays.

Our Food Display Dividers will separate different product lines and help maintain your display case in an orderly manner.

Available in a variety of attractive designs. Different colours can identify different product groups.

Select from the range of standard items listed below or we can custom manufacture items to suit your requirements - subject to minimum order requirements.




Dividers to Separate Food Groups in Fresh Food Displays

Sample text simply exists so you can see what your new block looks like. To…


FDAF600 - Black Acrylic Divider - 600mm

FDAF700 - Black Acrylic Divider - 700mm

FDAF800 - Black Acrylic Divider - 800mm

FDAF900 - Black Acrylic Divider - 900mm

FDAD600 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 600mm

FDAD700 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 700mm

FDAD800 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 800mm

FDAD900 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 900mm

FDACT600 - Colour Top Divider - 600mm

FDACT700 - Colour Top Divider - 700mm

FDACT800 - Colour Top Divider - 800mm

FDACT900 - Colour Top Divider - 900mm

FDTGN - Green PVC Divider - Standard - 860mm

FDRDGN - Green PVC Divider - Deluxe - 890mm