BUY Plastic Dividers for Fresh Food Displays

For fresh food displays.

Our Food Display Dividers will separate different product lines and help maintain your display case in an orderly manner.

Available in a variety of attractive designs. Different colours can identify different product groups.

Select from the range of standard items listed below or we can custom manufacture items to suit your requirements - subject to minimum order requirements.


FDAF600 - Black Acrylic Divider - 600mm

FDAF700 - Black Acrylic Divider - 700mm

FDAF800 - Black Acrylic Divider - 800mm

FDAF900 - Black Acrylic Divider - 900mm

FDAD600 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 600mm

FDAD700 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 700mm

FDAD800 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 800mm

FDAD900 - Green Line Acrylic Divider - 900mm

FDACT600 - Colour Top Divider - 600mm

FDACT700 - Colour Top Divider - 700mm

FDACT800 - Colour Top Divider - 800mm

FDACT900 - Colour Top Divider - 900mm

FDTGN - Green PVC Divider - Standard - 860mm

FDRDGN - Green PVC Divider - Deluxe - 890mm

All prices include GST but exclude Packing and Delivery Charges.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The Minimum Order Excluding Packing and Delivery Charges is $75.00.

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