Data Strip Installation Instructions and Tips

A few simple steps will ensure many years of use from your Data Strips.

The following Installation Instructions refer to the Adhesive Data Strip Profiles.

We have been selling Data Stripping for over 20 years. In that time we have seen very few cases of this product failing to live up to the users expectations. When this has occurred the cause has always been a failure to install the Data Strip correctly.

Correct installation requires:

  • Adequate cleaning of the application surface
  • Applying firm pressure to the Data Strip
  • Allowing the adhesive to cure

If you require additional help or advice about how to install your Data Strip send us an email.


  To find out more about Installing Data Strips scroll down the page: 

How to Install Adhesive Data Strip Profiles



 Things You Will Need:

  • Methylated Spirits ("Metho") - Available from Hardware Stores.
    Use to clean the shelves. Shellite may also be required to dissolve old adhesive and double sided tape from the shelves. Use the Methylated Spirits after using the Shellite.
  • Soft Cleaning Cloths
    These must be clean and dry.
  • A Sharp Heavy Duty Craft Knife
    Use to cut the Data Strips to size if required. To cut large quantities an electric Drop Head Saw can be used. Bundle and tape several Data Strips together before cutting slowly.
 Thoroughly Clean the Fronts of the Shelves with the Methylated Spirits:


  • Use a Clean, Dry Cloth
    Do not wet the cloth as this will dilute the cleaning solvent.
  • Change the Cleaning Cloths Regularly
    To prevent transfer of grease and grime from one shelf to another.
  • New Shelves 
    Even new shelves require cleaning before adhering the Data Strips
  • Allow the Shelf to Dry for 15 minutes
Adhere the Data Strip to the Shelves:
  • Measure the Shelves
    And cut the Data Strips to size if required.
  • Fix the Data Strips to the Fronts of the Shelves
    Start at one end of the shelf. Peel a small amount of the plastic backing liner from the double sided tape on the back of the Data Strip (300-400mm) and press the Data Strip gently in to position on the front of the shelf. Continue peeling the backing liner as you move along the shelf.
  • Make Sure the Top of Data Strip is not Installed above the Top of the Shelf
    This may result in your merchandise catching on the Data Strip and pulling it of the shelf.

Apply Firm Pressure along the Entire Length of the Data Strip:
  • Firm Pressure will Ensure that the Data Strip is Securely Adhered to the Shelves
  • Use a Clean, Soft Cloth to Apply the Pressure to the Data Strip
    This will prevent friction burn to naked fingers.
    Do not use the same cloth as was used to clean the shelves as the solvent may affect the fronts of the Data Strips
Wait 24 Hours Before Inserting Your Labels Intro the Data Strips:
  • This will allow the adhesive to reach maximum strength
  • Gently Open the Clear fronts of the Data Strips to Insert Your Labels
    We recommend the Data Strips with the In-Built Ticket Gripper. This has a special Finger Ridge that makes the Data Strip much easier to open. Your female staff will appreciate this version of Data Strip as they will no longer break their finger nails when opening the Data Strip to change labels.

Data Strip Profiles designed for Refrigerated Areas

Special types of Data Strip are required for refrigerated displays.

Adhesive Data Strip profiles with foam adhesive tapes are available for this purpose. They are best applied to the shelves before the fridges are turned on and the fridges are at room temperature. This is not essential but the shelves should at least be thoroughly clean and dry. Self Adhesive Data Strips cannot adhere to damp shelves. Once fixed to the shelves, and the adhesive has been allowed to reach maximum strength dampness in the fridge should not be a problem.

Should problems be experienced with adhesive Data Strip profiles we recommend using an alternative style of Data Strip such as the Hanging Data Strip or the clip-on Fridge Scan.