About Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System

Mark 4 Gondola Shelving is designed to suit the display needs of a diverse range of retailers.

Whether you are fitting out a complete shop or you require one bay to display a range of featured merchandise, Mark 4 Gondola Shelving is the answer.

Mark 4 Gondola Shelving is a modular shelving system. Unlike other shelving systems on the market, you are not locked in to set configurations. You decide the sizes that best suit your merchandise and store layout. Narrow-aisle units are great for pharmacies. Deep-aisle units are perfect for high capacity displays.

Mark 4 Gondola Shelving can be supplied with a base shelf only - for hang-sell merchandise. Or add one, two, three or more shelves to suit your merchandise.

And only www.shop4shops.com.au can supply a complete range of display accessories to maximise the display flexibility of your Mark 4 Gondola Shelving.

All components are readily available. Orders can be delivered to most capital cities within 3 days. Deliveries to regional areas may take a few extra days.


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Introduction to the Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System


The Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System is an economical Asian-made, versatile shelving system, providing retailers with the following features and benefits:

  • Strong
    Constructed from medium steel. Steel Shelves are reinforced to handle heavy-weight items. Although maximum weight loadings will vary depending on the options selected, each shelf can carry up to 80-100Kg evenly distributed.
  • Easy to install
    Designed for rapid, simple, low cost installation. Components clip together quickly and easily. No bolts. No screws. All you require is a soft faced mallet.
  • Easy to modify
    Existing units can be altered or expanded at any time to meet changing store or merchandising needs.
  • Versatile
    Mark 5 Gondola Shelving
    is modular. There is no need to buy set configurations. You select the style and size of the components to best suit your application. Select from single or double sided units in a range of sizes and options.
  • Economical
    The simple design of the Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System reduces the number of components required making it a cost effective shelving solution for all businesses. All components are manufactured overseas to reduce the cost. Strict quality controls ensures that quality is not compromised.


Basic Components of the Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System


  • Mark 4 Gondolas consist of a few essential components. - Upright Posts are joined with two clip-in Joiners. The interlocking, punched metal pegboard Infill Panels clip in to these Upright Posts without the need for special tools.             .
  • The Upright Posts and the Infill panels are locked together with the sheet metal base shelves.
  • Additional shelves are then clipped into the Upright Posts. These additional shelves are height adjustable in 50mm increments. Optional shelves wire shelf fronts and shelf dividers are available to help keep your stock in order.
  • A range of display accessories are available to complete your display, including:
       - Single Prong Pegboard Hooks
       - Flipper Hooks with Label Holders
       - Data Strips for shelf edge labelling
       - Plastic Storage Bins
       - Brochure Holders
       - Ticket Frames
       - Sign Holders
  • Mark 4 Gondola Shelving can be set up as single units. Or several add-on bays can be connected to the first bay to form aisles of shelving. Each add-on bay shares an Upright Post with the connected bay.
  • Single Sided Bays of Mark 4 Gondola Shelving can be used to create feature product displays on the ends of aisles of double sided units.

Applications for the Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System


Mark 4 Gondola Shelving is frequently specified for a range of retailers looking for a cost effective way of displaying their merchandise, including:

  • Homewares
  • Giftware
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Pharmacy
  • Computer
  • Hobbies and Toys
  • Souvenirs
  • Auto Spares
  • Hair Care Products
  • Health and Beauty
  • Cosmetics
  • Confectionery

Why Buy Gondola Shelving from www.shop4shops.com.au


With the emergence of China as a major manufacturer of shopfittings and display products there are literally hundreds of factories producing large volumes of similar shelving products. And the shelving made by these companies appears on many Australian web sites.

It is true to say that there is not a product that someone cannot make a little nastier and a little cheaper. And that applies to shelving.

So how can Australian retailers select the best supplier of shelving for their business? From the outset we would like to make it clear that www.shop4shops.com.au is not the supplier of the cheapest gondola shelving. If price is the most important issue for your business then we suggest you look elsewhere. And we do not price match with lower quality shelving. However, if you believe that you can buy an identical product elsewhere at a lower price we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter with you.

Our product is slightly dearer that some for one very good reason. We offer a better solution to your shelving needs than many other suppliers. Some advantages of our Mark 4 Gondola Shelving System include:

  • Mark 4 Gondola Shelving is a modular shelving system. You are not required to buy set configurations. We work with you to ensure that you get the shelving solution that best suits the needs of your business. This will help you to create greta displays that will help you to maximise sales.
  • Mark 4 Shelving is based on the designs of Australia-made shelving that has been tested by Australian businesses for many decades.
  • Quality Control Procedures have been introduced by Australians to ensure that the Chinese factory manufacturer produces products that meet with the expectations of Australian manufacturers.
  • We clearly state the sizes, thicknesses and other specifications of all components. Many other suppliers do not.
  • Large stock holdings are readily available. Deliveries to most capital cities are within 3-4 working days. Slightly longer delivery times may apply to some regional areas.
  • All orders are well boxed and packed on to skids or pallets to minimise the risk of damage during transit. We only use major trucking companies to deliver your order. We track your consignment to ensure a timely delivery.
  • We are a web-based business. We are unable to provide our customers with an on-site installation service. But Mark 4 Gondola Shelving has been designed so that almost anyone can install it. If our 60 year old, overweight, diabetic and grumpy Tony can do it on his own, anyone can do it. We are the only web-based business to provide detailed installation instructions for our shelving together with handy hints to make your installation a success.
  • We offer a choice of two shelf types - sheet metal and wire mesh. Many suppliers do not.
  • www.shop4shops.com.au is the only online business that also provides a complete range of compatible display accessories to maximise the flexibility and effectiveness of your Mark 4 Gondola Shelving

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