Shopfittings and Display Products for use by building and installation trades

Many of our shopfittings and display products are purchased and installed regularly by tradesmen, including:

  • Shopfitters
  • Builders
  • Joiners
  • Project Managers

These products have been listed together on this page to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The picture page links will take you to specific products, with specifications, retail prices and more.

See the note below for special pricing that may apply to purchases by tradesmen..


To find out more about Shopfitting and Display Products for Shopfitters, Builders and Joiners
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Shopfitting Systems


The following Shopfitting Systems are the most frequently purchased by Shopfitters, Builders and Joiners: Click on the blue links below for more information.

The grooved, panel-based shopfitting system.
Endlessly adaptable with countless creative applications from wall-mounted to free-
standing displays.

Slatwall Accessories
Largest range. Shelf Brackets. Hang-sell Prongs, Clothing Arms and Rails, Bins and Baskets, Acrylic Shelves, Brochure Holders and more.

The lightweight, all-aluminium alternative to Slatwall.
Simply clip the aluminium profiles together to create
eye-catching retail and commercial displays

Eyeline Accessories
Eyeline uses the same accessories as Slatwall
. Shelf Brackets. Prongs, Clothing Arms, Bins and Baskets, Acrylic Shelves, Brochure Holders and more.

Concealed Stripping
The panel-based shop
fitting system consisting of minimalist vertical slotted
strips separated by panels
of different types. The panels can be plain, Slatwall,
Minimo or Ultrapuck.

Concealed Stripping Accessories
Premium quality accessories designed for Concealed Stripping. Unique satin chrome finish. For front and side hang clothing, shelved merchandise and hang-sell items

The sophisticated, panel-
based display system that uses a unique metal puck device to hold a versatile
range of display accessories.
Ideal for c
lothing, clothing accessories and footwear.

Minimo Accessories
With a contemporary and simplistic design. Attractive sand-blasted nickel finish. Includes shelf brackets, straight arms, clothing
arms and rails and
hang-sell display prongs.

Wall Post Display System
Provides a simple, stylish and inexpensive way to fit out a shop while maintaining merchandising flexibility. Consists of vertical upright posts which are slotted to accept a range of accessories

Wall Post Display System Accessories
A range of styles to help create eye-catching displays including side and front hang rails for clothing, straight and waterfall arms, hang-sell hooks, shelf brackets and shelves 

Slotted Stripping
Shopfitting System
The most cost effective shopfittings for clothing,
clothing accessories, home-wares and gifts. Uses slotted wall stripping and a range of compatible accessories

Accessories for Slotted Stripping System
Functional accessories
that include face-out and
side-hang clothing rails,
straight and waterfall arms, display prongs, shelf
brackets and shelves


The suspended merchandising and display system designed to create a diverse range of applications .... from suspended shelves and
graphic display panels to brochure holders and
clothing rails.


Shelving Systems


Economical shelving systems for storerooms and workshops. Click on the blue links below for more information.




 Slotted Stripping
and Brackets
We stock one of the largest ranges of general purpose of this style of shelving. Commercial quality. Low
. Heavy duty.
Australian made.


Low-cost shelving for a range
of display and storage applications.H
eavy duty with each shelf carrying up to 300kg evenly distributed load. Supplied flat packed for
ease of shipping.


Easy to assemble, heavy
duty shelving suitable for a
wide range of applications
from retail display to storeroom shelving. S
everal sizes.
Weight capacities up to
300Kg per shelf.


Heavy-duty, clip together
shelving system suitable for the storage of hand-loaded items. Easy to assemble. Versatile. High load capacity. Smart appearance making it suitable for some retail applications. 



Designed to suit the display needs of a diverse range
of retailers.
Modular. Low
cost. Easy to assemble. R
eadily available with
orders delivered to most
capital cities in 3-4 days.


Heavy duty shelving designed for medium to large stores that have bulky or heavy stock, including supermarkets, hardware, pet supplies, liquor outlets, paint stores, discount pharmacies .... and more.

Shelving Units

Designed to match
wall-mounted Slatwall Panels. Includes ready
to go, flat-packed, budget priced kits in 
H-Shaped, 4-Way and
Post+Plus designs.


Shopfitting Accessories


The finishing touches for retail displays. Click on the blue links below for more information.




 Pegboard Hooks
Standard Hooks in light and heavy duty. From 50mm to 300mm lengths.
Suitable for Pegboard
and Slatwall.

 Flipper Hooks
With label holders. Lengths from 75mm to 300mm. The label holders are available in different colours and sizes.
For Pegboard and Slatwall

 Board Shelves
Budget-priced board shelves
in two depths and three lengths. Select from white, black and woodgrain finishes.
PVC edging on all 4 sides.

 Glass Shelves
Budget-priced safety glass
with polished edges. Select from two depths and three lengths. Cleaned and individually wrapped.





 Data Strips
The low-cost, efficient way of displaying price, barcode and product description labels on shelf edges, baskets, bins and other retail situations.
Range of styles, sizes and colours.

 Brochure Displays
Modular brochure display system with 3 sizes of brochure pockets and two postcard holders. Use for counter-top, wall-mounted or freestanding displays. 

 Angles and Trims
A range of different types
of angles, u-channels and capping to suit panel-based shopfitting systems like Slatwall, Minimo and


Special Pricing for Shopfitters, Builders and Joiners


All prices shown on this web site are retail prices - that is, the prices paid by the end user.

If you are an established shopfitter, builder or joiner you may be eligible for discounts off these prices. The following are guidelines on eligibility:

  • You must be an established shopfitter, builder or joiner. Your business should be listed in the Yellow and White Page Directories and preferably have an online presence.
  • You will need to purchase a minimum of $2000.00 (before discount) per year from
  • Your initial purchase must exceed $750 (before discount).
  • Payment must be made at the time of ordering - we accept Visa, MasterCard or payment by bank transfer. As a general guideline we do not set up accounts. To so so is time consuming as this process is undertaken by our credit reporting agency and can take several weeks.

For more information on the discounts applicable to shopfitters, builders and joiners please email us.