ABOUT Our Fresh Produce Display Solutions

Our products provide a complete system for produce displays.

Select from a range of cost-effective components for any size retailer. Fresh Produce Bins are a popular item for creating effective island displays. The Display Ramps and Bin Toppers are designed to maximise the effectiveness of these Produce Bins.

Standard Display Tubs are suitable for displays in the Produce Bins and on the shelving of refrigerated display units and are available in a large range of sizes and styles. Special Display Tubs are available for those difficult-to-display items.

Fruit Separators help protect and cushion stacks of fruit in bins and on shelves. And Stepped Modules are the ideal way to display punnets and bagged produce.

Plus, we have a range of compatible accessories to complete your produce displays including Non-Slip Matting, Wire Racks and Holders, Signage Systems and Produce Bag Holders.


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Like may retailers in this economic climate, produce retailers are facing intense competition. And their customers have become more discriminating and have higher expectations when it comes to range, quality and presentation.

To combat increasing competition in this industry produce retailers need to:

  • Sell quality produce
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • AND Provide the best possible presentation for their produce even during slow trading periods

The range of products available on this web site are designed to help produce retailers to create eye-catching, cost effective displays that will rival those of their competitors.




Display Issues Faced By Retailers of Fresh Produce


The main issues faced by retailers of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables include:

  • Stock Wastage
    Due to the damage caused by ineffective displays, over-handling and stock movement practices.
  • Excess Handling Leading to Damage of the Produce
    Both during set up of the displays, and moving of the stock.
  • Untidy Displays
    There is no uniformity to the displays.
  • Staff Lack the Knowledge and Means to Maintain the Displays in a Professional Manner
    The displays are inconsistent and look unappealing to the customers.
  • Existing Display Cases and Boxes are Difficult to Clean
    Cardboard boxes become torn and damaged very quickly.
  • Dirty Display Cases and Boxes Shorten the Life of the Produce
    Affecting the profitability of the business.
  • Moving Stock to the Coolroom in the Evening is Labour-Intensive and Time-Consuming
    And the produce needs to be constantly handled.

There has to be a simpler and better way of creating and maintaining top class produce displays!

AND there is!

Our Display Solutions for Fresh Produce Displays




  • The produce is placed directly on top of horizontal shelves making it difficult for customers to make their buying decisions.
  • The produce does not look fresh and clean.
  • There is no co-ordinated approach to the placement of the produce. If there is an empty spot in the displays it is filled with whatever items are available at the time.
  • Cheap, old and tattered cardboard boxes and other unsuitable assorted containers are used to hold the produce.
  • Excessive handling of the produce is required to set up and maintain the displays.
  • The displays never look full
  • Not all the produce is labelled and labelling laws are not adhered to.


 The "AFTER"

  • The produce displays are neat, tidy and most importantly, appealing to your customers.
  • Larger items are well displayed towards the bottom of the display units. And punnets, bagged produce and smaller items are displayed towards the top.
  • Appropriate Tubs and Trays are used to display the stock. Tiered Display Units are used to show off the produce to its best advantage.
  • The displays always look full, with the use of less stock. Additional stock can be stored in the cool room, improving the quality of the stock and the profitability of the business.
  • The displays are easier to keep clean
  • Products are labelled with Product Name, Description, Price and Country of Origin.

Our Product Range for Produce Displays includes:




 Fresh Produce Bins,
Ramps and Bin Toppers
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 Standard Display Tubs in
a range of styles and sizes
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 Special Purpose Display Tubs,
Lids and Racks
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  Poly-Wicker Baskets,
Crates and Barrels
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 Fruit Separator Trays to Cushion
and Protect Stacks of Produce
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 Display Modules for
Large Cut Fruit
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 Stepped and Tiered Units for
Punnets and Bagged Produce
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PLUS Display Barrels, Timber Crates, Produce Display Stands, Non-Slip Matting, Produce Bag Holders,
Customer Carry Baskets, Produce Ticketing Systems and more.