Our products provide a complete system for setting up produce displays.

Select from a range of cost-effective components for any size retailer.

Fresh Produce Bins are a popular item for creating effective island displays. The Display Ramps and Bin Toppers are designed to maximise the effectiveness of these Produce Bins.

Standard Display Tubs are suitable for displays in the Produce Bins and on the shelving of refrigerated display units and are available in a large range of sizes and styles. Special Purpose Display Tubs are available for difficult-to-display items.

Fruit Separators help protect and cushion stacks of fruit in bins and on shelves. And Stepped Modules are the ideal way to display punnets and bagged produce.

Plus, we have a range of compatible accessories to complete your produce displays including Non-Slip Matting, Wire Racks and Holders, Signage Systems and Produce Bag Holders.


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