BUY Accessories for the Fresh Produce Bins

The finishing touches for your Fresh Produce Bin Displays. 

These accessories are specifically designed to add to the flexibility and impact of your Fresh Produce Bins.

The Side Hanging Tubs for Produce Bins are a great way of adding companion produce to the displays ...... for example, shallots, ginger and garlic with the onions. Use these tubs to group some of your fruits and vegetables according what your customers can make with them, for example garlic with the sauce tomatoes.

Trolley Bumper Rails are now available to help protect the Produce Bins from wear and tear.

And Stainless Steel Rails are one of the best ways of displaying highly visible product signage on the displays.



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About the Side Hanging Tubs for Fresh Produce Bins


Side Hanging Tub

Close-up showing the clip-on lip

These tubs are a great add-on Display Accessory for your Fresh Produce Bins allowing produce to be displayed on the edge of the bin.

They are perfect as a bin spillover or to display smaller items like garlic, ginger and shallots.

Two of these tubs fit perfectly on the side of the standard 900x900mm Fresh Produce Bins. 

Application for the Side Hanging Tub

Side Hanging Tub with Produce

Two fit on 900x900mm bins

VTBH436 Produce Display Side - Hanging Tub for Produce Bins

  • 460mm wide x 280mm long x 85mm high. 
  • Designed to clip on to the sides of standard Produce Bins. Two Tubs fit along the sides of a 900x900mm Produce Bin.
  • Designed to display light to medium weight produce like garlic, ginger, chillies. 
  • Availability: Stock line. Most orders despatched within 24-48 hours..
  • Bulk Buy Prices:  6: $39.52 each. 24: $37.19 each. Email us for a price for 50+

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