BUY Budget Quality Plastic Shopping Baskets

A good quality shopping basket at a budget price.


Our Budget Quality Plastic Shopping Baskets are purchased and imported in large quantities so we can provide a general purpose basket at a very competitive price.

These baskets are a great for medium to smaller retailers as well as non-retail applications such as libraries, school canteens, cleaning contractors and more.

They feature strong, twin handles and solid bases. Select from 4 colours.

Unlike our other styles of Plastic Shopping Baskets you do not have to buy them in full carton quantities. Buy one. Or buy hundreds for even greater savings.

If you are looking for even lower priced Shopping Basket Click here to go to our page of Shopping Baskets at Clearance Prices.


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About Budget Quality Plastic Shopping Baskets


A unique feature of our Budget Quality Plastic Shopping Baskets is the solid base. Most other styles of shopping baskets have a mesh base (click on the product thumbnail images below to see details).

The solid base may not comply with Health Department requirements applicable to retailers of unpackaged fresh food like fruit and vegetables.

These Shopping Baskets are made in China to keep the costs down. But the manufacturing processes are regularly scrutinised to ensure they meet the high standards required by Australian retailers and other businesses. We have been selling these baskets for about three years and have received no adverse comments about quality and durability.








Large Size
450 mm wide.
313 mm deep.
239 mm high.
24 litre capacity.

 Heavy Duty
Rated carry up to
80 kg. Making them
suitable for all retail

Twin Handles
Two handles for stability
 and balance when
carrying. Superior to
baskets with one handle.

'No-Pinch' Handles
The handle design
prevents pinching of the
flesh on the palms of
your customer's hands.






Reinforced Rim
To minimise the risk
of damage if the
baskets are handled

Side Panels for Printing *
The basket features
flat side panels suitable
for printing of corporate
logos. 250 x 175mm.

Four Colours
Red, black, blue and
green. To suit most
business environments.


 * Custom Printing of Budget Quality Shopping Baskets: We are unable to supply these baskets with custom printed logos.



Our Plastic Shopping Baskets may be difficult to deliver to some locations at an economical delivery charge.

Our Shopping Cart Software may not accurately calculate the correct delivery charges to all areas of Australia particularly to remote locations and all locations outside of capital cities. We may need to review the charges automatically calculated by our web site. If this is necessary we will email you details of the correct delivery charges before finalising your order.

We are unable to deliver Shopping Baskets to residential addresses or PO Boxes.

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