Signage and Display Solutions for Bakeries and Related Businesses

Shop4Shops provides an efective range of display products for bakeries, pie shops, cake and pastry retailers and other similar related businesses.

As with most retail businesses 60% or more of your customer's purchases are made on impulse. Good displays and informative signage can help you to maximise these impulse sales.

And when it comes to signage for bakeries it is no longer sufficient to just have a simple product name and a price. Your customers are more discerning and require more product information. Is it low fat? What is the GI? Is the pie vegan or vegetarian?


Rustic Display Baskets, Barrels and Wooden Crates for Bakeries


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In a busy retail environment like a supermarket, delicatessen, butcher or seafood shop you need tough display accessories.

These Polycarbonate trays have been designed to withstand the demanding requirements of most fresh food retailers including occasional dropping, bumping and knocking during handling, hand and machine washing and more. And thats why they are used by major Australian retailers.

These trays are made from polycarbonate, also known by the trademarked name Lexan. Because this plastic is easily worked, moulded and thermoformed it finds many application in the display industry.

Polycarbonate is tough. Commercial applications for this plastic include lenses of sunglasses and eyeglasses, auto headlight lenses, Nokia and other smartphone bodies and "bullet-proof glass" when laminated**

When used for fresh food display one of the main advantages of polycarbonate is its visual clarity, helping retailers to better present their products.

** NOTE: These trays are not bullet proof

 To find out more or to purchase our range of display products for Bakeries click on the blue links below:


Display Stands with
Poly-Wicker Baskets

Display Barrels

Display Stands with
Wooden Display Barrels

Premium Quality
Timber Crates

Display Stands with Premium Timber Crates

Budget Timber

Display Stands with
Budget Timber Crates

Natural Wicker

Display Stands with
Natural Wicker Baskets


 Crates US Down for Display

 Crates Stacked for Glasses


Natural Wicker

Display Stands with
Natural Wicker Baskets

 Add rustic black boards

Add Ticket Holders for Rustic Stuff

Add signage options

Pop Clips, etc

Sgl Barrel Stand

Single bread stick stand

Counter top poly wicker

 Deli Risers for cold display cabinets

Display Trays, Bowls, Platters and Accessories for Bakeries


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Independent supermarkets are facing increased competition from the major chains. One of these majors is about to commit to a mulit-million dollar upgrade of their delis and fresh food departments. Once completed this will significantly raise the bar when it comes to fresh food displays.

For most independent supermarkets it will always be difficult to compete with the major supermarkets on packaged and tinned grocery lines. However it is possible to compete with your fresh food ..... deli lines, fresh meat and seafood, frsh fruit and vegetables, fresh breads, cakes and pasteries. You smaller size allows you to respond more quickly to seasonal and regional demands for freah foods.

Click on the blue page links below to see the display products we regualrly sell to independent supermarkets for their deli department. If you are unable to find what you are looking for click here to send us an email.

Tips and Trends for
Setting up a deli.
Send us an email for suggestions on ways to
set up your displays

NEW. Woodgrain Risers
for Deli Cabinets

Use to 'landscape' your displays and make them look more full and bountiful

Black and White Risers
for Deli Cabinets.
Similar to the Woodgrain
Risers. Also available in

Non Slip Matting for
Deli Cabinets

NEW. Clear Polycarbonate
Display Trays

Super tough. Seven sizes.
All in stock now.

NEW. Black Polycarbonate
Display Trays

Virtually unbreakable.
Also limited sizes in white. 

Melamine Smart Bowls
and Inserts

With Inserts to 'dummy up'
the displays. Black and White

Square and Rectangular
Melamine Bowls and Trays
Premium quality. Square and Rectangular. Black and White. 





 Budget-Priced Black
Moulded Trays
Made from polypropylene.
Resistant to foor acids
and staining

  Budget-Priced White
Moulded Trays
Large range of sizes.
Save by buying in carton quantities.

Octagonal Bowls
Suitable for salads,
antipasto or featured

Salad Bowls
Soft curved design to
create eye-catching

Melamine Slant
A popular choice for olives
and other antipasto or
salads. Black or White

Rimless Trays
The space efficient range
of food display trays.
Black only. 

Scallop Edged
With the 'look' that is a
little bit different.
Black, White or Red

Top of the Range
Trays and Bowls
European styling.
Imported to order
Large range.

Acrylic Lids for
Trays and Bowls
Help to stop food
deterioration and
cross contamination

Display Slates for Fresh Food Displays
An effective way to create
displays of featured

Hi-Lite Risers for
Feature Displays
Use to provide elevation
for a single bowl or

Clear Acrylic Cylinders
for Feature Displays
A great way to add colour
and visual interest to your
fresh food displays

Dividers for Deli Display Cabinets
Use to separate different
food groups in your
display cabinet

Cake Display
Pedestals and Covers
Select from several styles
and heights. For cakes, muffins, pies and quiches

Cake Display
Counter-top cabinets
suitable for small, cold
cakes and pastries

Platters and Covers for
Fresh Food
Low cost plastic trays and
and lids suitable for deli

Colour Coded
Cutting Boards
Recommended by health authorities. Use to prevent
cross contamination.

Colour Coded Tongs for
Fresh Food Displays
Use one colour for each food group .. red for raw meats, green for fruit and veg. ....

Other Utensils for
Fresh Food Displays
Select from slotted and solid
spoons and tongs. Red, Black, White and Stainless Steel.

Colour Coded Brushes
for Fresh Food Retailers
Use when cleaning
Colour Coded Cutting


Polycarbonate Gastro Trays

Ticketing Options for Bakeries


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Food Tickets with

Plain Food Tickets
and Accessories

Food Tickets with
Push-In Pricing Numbers

Ticket Toppers
for Food Tickets

Food Tickets

Food Tickets

Pre-Printed with
IGA Logos

Custom Printed
Food Tickets

 Pie Warmer Tickets

 MD Warm Food Tickets

 MD Black Bakery Tickets  MD Bakery with Spiral Price Numbers

 Mini Ticket Frames

 MD Acrylic Sign Insert Frame

 MD Acrylic Sign Holder with Foot  





Clips and Small Tickert Holders for Bakeries



Old Banjos Metal Clip

4-Bend Card Holder

Trenton Aligator Clips
Square and Round

Trenton Other metal Stands

Trenton Harp Stands

Trenton Table Numbers

Pre-Printed with
IGA Logos

Custom Printed
Food Tickets

 Pie Warmer Tickets

 MD Warm Food Tickets

 MD Black Bakery Tickets  MD Bakery with Spiral Price Numbers

 Mini Ticket Frames

 MD Acrylic Sign Insert Frame

 MD Acrylic Sign Holder with Foot  





Sign and Ticket Holders for Bakeries



Acrylic Single sided Menu Holders

Acrylic Double sided Menu Holders

Acrylic Tiangle Menu Holders

Mini Metal Blackboards

Euro frames with
my black insert






 Snap Frames

Snap A-Frames 

 Black Metal A-Frame  Rustic Black A-Frame





Signage Solutions



with feet

Euroframes with Shafts

Plain Acrylic Signboards

Woodgrain Acrylic Signboards 

Custom Acrylic Signboards

 Mini Metal Blackboards





 Snap Frames

Snap A-Frames 

 Black Metal A-Frame  Rustic Black A-Frame
 VC Grooved Felt Board  Outdoor Poster Cases for Menus    

 Poster hanging for Window Displays

Cable for Window Displays
Find Bankrupt Sandwich shop 

 Suction Cup Sign Holders