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Acrylic Display Risers with an aesthetically pleasing design.


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Our Woodgrain Acrylic Risers (or Tiering Units) are similar to our Standard Acrylic Risers but with a digitally printed woodgrain design. The woodgrain design will help you to create eye-catching fresh food displays that are sure to stimulate impulse sales.

Use these Acrylic Risers along the complete length of your refrigerated display cabinet. Or use them to create a special zone within your display for featured or value-added products. These Woodgrain Acrylic Risers are similar to our black, white and clear Standard Acrylic Risers.

Select from three standard heights. Or we can custom manufacture these Woodgrain Acrylic Risers in sizes and designs to suit your own specific requirements, subject to minimum order quantities of 12 sets and manufacturing lead times of 3-4 weeks.


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About Woodgrain Acrylic Risers for Fresh Food Displays

About Custom Manufactured Acrylic Risers

Set of 3

Riser Set - 3 Steps - Woodgrain - Risers only - No Bowls


Riser - Low - 600x225x40mm - Woodgrain


Riser - Medium - 600x243x80mm - Woodgrain


Riser - High - 600x252x120mm - Woodgrain

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