BUY Wet-Heat Type Soup Warmers

Commercial quality Soup Kettle designed for use in take-away shops and food service venues

Soup Warmers or Soup Kettles are the perfect way of keeping a variety of cooked liquid and semi-liquid food products warm until serving.

Soups are always popular, not just in winter. They are a great way of using up excess fresh produce. And the wonderful aromas of freshly made soup will be sure to attract customers in to your business.

If Hot Soup is regularly on your menu, a Soup Warmer will reduce the number of pots on your stove and put your soup where your serving staff can reach it easily, helping free up space in your kitchen.

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Applications for Wet-Heat Soup Warmers


These Soup Warmers are most commonly used to keep pre-heated soup at the optimum serving temperature.

But they are also suitable for several other pre-cooked food products including curries, casseroles, chilli and even hot dogs.

The large 10 litre capacity makes them perfect for large buffets and take-away food shops.

The thermostat control will ensure that your freshly cooked soup is kept warm ready for serving throughout the day.


Casseroles and Stews


Hot Drinks like Festive Mulled Wine

Hot Sauces and Gravies

Hot Dogs

About Wet-Heat Type Soup Warmers


These commercial quality Soup Warmers are designed to keep pre-heated liquid based foodstuffs such as soups hot until serving.

A small amount of water is added to the main outer pot. The stainless steel inner pot containing the soup is inserted in to the water to keep the food at the perfect serving temperature of around 30-50 degrees Centigrade.

Overheating of the water in the outer jacket is protected by a safety thermostat which cuts out at 118 degrees Centigrade


Wattage: 400. 10 amps. 220-240 volts.

Capacity: Large 10 litre capacity

Operation: Bain Marie wet-heat style

Warranty: 12 months. Back to manufacturer.

Please Note: This product is NOT a Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, or Rice Cooker. It is designed
to keep pre-heated food products warm, not cook them from scratch.

Black Traditional
Pot Belly Design

Or Stainless Steel Design
to add a more modern feel to any restaurant or fresh food retailer.

Bain-Marie wet heat, water-bath
type of Soup Pot with stainless
steel inner pot.

Insulated body for low external surface temperature

Four basic components: Outer
Pot, Inner Pot, Carry Ring and Lid. Removable for easy cleaning

The Soup Warmer is supported
by three study feet to prevent
it toppling over.

Double handled, hinged, stainless steel lid to trap in the heat.

Hinged lid. The rim is designed
to allow condensation to go back
into the soup.

The lid has a slot to
accommodate a ladle handle
while the lid is closed.

Thermostatically controlled
with side temperature dial
and LED light to tell you
when it is on.

Supplied with: Soup Warmer,
Stainless Steel Ladle, Power
Chord, Instructions and
Soup Name Labels

The outer casing has a Label
Slot for today's soup name.
14 pre-printed soup name
labels are supplied.

84810 Soup Warmer. 10 liter. Black.

  • NEW PRODUCT! Wet-Heat style Soup Warmer
  • Colour: Black outer body.
  • Capacity: 10 litres.
  • Includes stainless steel soup ladle. 
  • Bulk Buy Prices: 5-9: $152.00 each.    10-19: $144.00 each.  20-49: $128.00 each. 
  • Email us for a price for 50 or more.

84820 Soup Warmer. 10 liter. Stainless Steel.

  • NEW PRODUCT! Wet-Heat style Soup Warmer
  • Colour: Stainless Steel outer body.
  • Capacity: 10 litres.
  • Includes stainless steel soup ladle.  
  • Bulk Buy Prices: 5-9: $198.55 each.    10-19: $188.10 each.  20-49: $167.20 each. 
  • Email us for a price for 50 or more.