BUY Premium Qualitiy White Polycarbonate Food Display Trays

Similar to the Clear Polycarbonate Trays shown on another page!

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If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and offer a point of difference from your competitors look no further than these classy polycarbonate food display trays.

They are super tough, available in a range of popular modular sizes and they look fantastic. Show off your fresh food products to their best advantage by making sure they are not partly hidden by standard black or white trays.

Optional handcrafted acrylic lids are available for several of these tray sizes.

To compliment these polycarbonate trays there is a range of compatible fresh food display accessories .... risers, utensils, display cylinders, dividers and more.

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About Polycarbonate Food Display Trays


In a busy retail environment like a supermarket, delicatessen, butcher or seafood shop you need tough display accessories.

These Polycarbonate trays have been designed to withstand the demanding requirements of busy fresh food retailers including occasional dropping, bumping and knocking during handling, hand and machine washing and more. And thats why they are used by major Australian retailers.

These trays are made from polycarbonate, also known by the trademarked name Lexan. Because this plastic is easily worked, moulded and thermoformed it finds many application in the display industry.

Polycarbonate is tough. Very tough. Commercial applications for this plastic include lenses of sunglasses and eyeglasses, auto headlight lenses, Nokia and other smartphone bodies

When used for fresh food display one of the main advantages of polycarbonate is its visual clarity, helping retailers to better present their products.

Traditional black and white
trays partly block your
customer's view of the
food on display.

Brightly coloured bowls not only
partly block the view of the
product but also visually detract
from the food on display.

Clear Polycarbonate Trays will
help you to show off your
products to best advantage and
convey a sense of abundance. 

The Polycarbonate Trays have
a minimalist design.

Stackable. With special no-jam
feature when stacked.

The base of the trays is ribbed
to minimise slipping during use.

Close-up showing transparency
of the Polycarbonate Trays.

Close-up showing the minimalist
lip and corner

The tightly rounded corners results in
little wasted space then grouped.

Select from 7 sizes and 2 Depths
(25mm and 50mm). Most sizes are modular and can be mixed without
resulting in wasted space

Custom made, hand-crafted acrylic
lids are available for all tray sizes.
Minimum order quantity is 10. Allow
2 -3 weeks for manufacture.

Both the Polycarbonate Trays and
the Acrylic Lids are compatible with
our standard food tickets and ticket accessories. Email us for information