BUY Rustic Baskets, Barrels and Crates at Special Prices

Our Display Barrels, Crates and Baskets are an effective way to add a rustic flair to your displays.

Most retailers recognise the importance of good floor displays.

Display containers made from natural looking materials are much more attractive than metal dump bins, baskets. or cardboard boxes. And they will look more appealing to customers.

They will help you to create unique, eye catching displays for many different types of products.

In Fruit and Vegetable shops use them to display companion products like nets of garlic near the tomatoes. Or impulse lines like stir-fry sauce sachets near the meat department. And many of these containers are an ideal way to highlight other merchandise including crafts, toys and giftware.

The following are a few of these products that are currently on special.


40 For:

Polywicker Basket - Portrait - Slanted - Natural

50 For:

Polywicker Basket - Landscape - Slanted - Small - Chocolate

Carton of 20:

Natural Wicker Basket - Round **SPECIAL PRICE ***

5 Stands for only:

Stand with 3 Round Wicker Baskets ** SPECIAL **

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