BUY NEW Round Clear Polycarbonate Food Display Bowls

NEW! A cost effective way to show off antipasto and similar products

We have introduced this new range of Clear Round Polycarbonate Food Display Bowls to compliment and visually contrast with our Clear Rectangular Polycarbonate Food Display Trays.

Team them with our range of Acrylic Risers to create the best looking, eye-catching display of antipasto in your deli cabinet.

Or use them to display prepared savoury and fruit salads, dips and pestos, yoghurts, fetta and soft cheeses and more.

If you have a medium to large deli display cabinet it can look visually uninteresting if the whole cabinet is filled with identical or similar looking display trays. A better way of giving your fresh food displays a lift is to create zones for different product groups by using different styles of food display containers. This is frequently achieved by using round bowls for a display zone of antipasto products.

Our round Polycarbonate Display Bowls are tough and economical. And they are sure to help you to create fresh food displays with that "wow factor" that will appeal to your customers.


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About Round Clear Polycarbonate Food Display Bowls


Fact File:

 Made from:  Made from tough, recyclable Polycarbonate.
 Made in:  China
 Three Standard Sizes:

 200mm, 230mm and 260mm. 120mm,  140mm and 170mm available to order.
 Email for details 

 Colours available:  Clear only.
 Heat resistant:  Suitable for use from -40 to +99 degrees C.
 Packaging:  Individually wrapped and packed in cartons.
 Availability:  Large stocks warehoused in Australia
 Main Features:
  • Economical pricing.
  • Tough. Polycarbonate is one of the toughest plastics used to make display bowls and trays 
  • 3 standard sizes to suit most displays
 Recommended for:
  • Delicatessens and Supermarkets

Oblique view of the clear,
Round Polycarbonate

Oblique view of the clear,
Round Polycarbonate

The,Round Polycarbonate Bowls
feature a flat bottom for stability
when displayed

Close-up of the double thickness
rim for additional strength

The Clear Round Polycarbonate
Bowls allow full visibility of the
food products on display

The Clear Round Polycarbonate
Bowls are stackable for ease of
shipping and storage


Select from 3 readily available sizes:
200mm, 230mm and 260mm.
120mm, 140mm and 170mm are
available in carton quantities to order.


About Polycarbonate


Polycarbonate is a premium quality plastic that is virtually indestructable during normal use:

Made from recyclable polycarbonate plastic, one of the toughest plastics available for display products

Polycarbonate Bowls are food
contact approved by relevant
health authorities.

Polycarbonate Bolws are
dishwashable using standard
domestic or commercial
dishwashing machines

To maintain the gloss finish it is recommended that Polycarbonate
Bowls are cleaned with a soft cloth
and household detergent. Avoid the
use of abrasive cleaning materials.

Polycarbonate Bowls are suitable
for use in temperature ranges from
-40 to +90 degrees Centigrade. They
are not suitable for use as ovenware.

Polycarbonate Bowls are
not suitable for use in
microwaves or for use
as ovenware

Applications for Round Clear Polycarbonate Food Display Bowls


 Here are a few of the most common applications for the Round Polycarbonate Bowls:

  • Olives
  • Sundried Tomatoes
  • Other Antipasto
  • Green Salads 
  •  Fruit Salads
  • Potato, Rice and Pasta Salads
  • Dips
  •  Fresh Cheeses like Fetta
  • Pestos

Companion Display Products for Round Clear Polycarbonate Bowls


Maximise the impact of your fresh food displays by combining these Round Polycarbonate Bowls with these companion products: 

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Ticketing Options for Clear Round Polycarbonate Bowls


The Clear Round Polycarbonate Bowls are compatible with most of our standard food ticketing systems, including:

Standard Plain Food


For more information on
our range of Food Ticketing
send us an email

Standard Food Tickets with
Push-in Pricing Numbers