ABOUT Premium Quality Melamine Smart Bowls, Insert and Lids

Smart Bowls are our top selling bowl for fresh food displays

Smart Bowls are available in 2 standard sizes to suit most fresh food display cabinet. Plus there are 3 new sizes to suit specific food display applications.

Optional extras include Smart Bowl Inserts to 'dummy' up your products and maintain full looking displays with less stock. Clear and black 'night time' PETG Lids are available for the 2 standard size Smart Bowls. Or Acrylic Lids can be made to order for all sizes subject to minimum order requirements and manufacturing lead times.

To complete your display of Smart Bowls there is a range of compatible products to compatible companion products:

  • Stepped Acrylic Risers
  • Serving Utensils
  • Food Ticketing
  • Bamboo and Non-Slip Matting

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About Melamine Smart Bowls


 Fact File:
 Made from:  Premium 3mm thick Melamine
 Made in:  Designed in Australia. Made in China.
 Five Sizes:  From 250x150x75mm to 670x200x45mm
 Colours available:  Black and White
 Heat resistant:  Suitable for use from -20 to +120 degrees C.
 Packaging:  Individually wrapped. Packed in cartons of 12.
 Availability:  Large stocks warehoused in Australia
 Main Features:
  • Stylish with minimalist design.
  • Space efficient in your display cabinet. 
  • Made from melamine
  • Optional Inserts and Lids available.
 Recommended for:
  • Delicatessens and Supermarkets
  • Butchers, Seafood and Poultry Shops

Smart Bowls have a stylish,
rectangular, lip-less design to
enhance your fresh food

Side View of Smart Bowl
showing the angular design
of the bowls.

Large flat base for stability
when on display and during

View of the Smart Bowls
from the top showing
the slanted sides.

Smart Bowls are made
from easy-to-clean glossy

Smart Bowls feature a minimalist lip
to maximise the number of bowls
that will fit in your display cabinet.

Five Sizes
from 250x150x75mm high
to 670x200x45mm high

Two colours.
Black and White.

Without jamming.

Mix and match to fit most standard
display cabinet sizes

Smart Bowls feature tight corners
to minimise loss of space in your


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About Melamine


Melamine is a premium quality plastic that has the look of ceramic but the safety features of plastic.

Melamine is a recyclable

Melamine Smart Bowls are approved
by Health Authorities for food

Melamine Smart Bowls are
dishwasher safe.

To maintain the gloss finish it is recommended that Smart Bowls
are cleaned with a soft cloth and household detergent. Avoid the use of harsh abrasive cleaning materials.

Melamine Smart Bowls are suitable
for use in temperature ranges from
-20 to +120 degrees Centigrade. They
are not suitable for use as ovenware.

Melamine Smart Bowls are
not suitable for use in

About the Inserts for Smart Bowls


The Bowl Inserts provide one of the main benefit of these Smart Bowls

The optional Insets are available
for most sizes of Smart Bowls and
help maintain full looking displays
with less stock.

The White Inserts are available
in plain, unslotted styles.

The White Inserts are also
available in a slotted style to drain
away excess liquid from the
products on display.

The Black Inserts are available
in the unslotted style only

Use the same colour bowls and
inserts or mix the colours to create
eye-catching displays.

The Inserts can be used on
their own as a shallow


Food Display Tickets stay on
the bowl even when the
lids and inserts are removed.


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About Lids for Melamine Smart Bowls


Lids are available for both sizes of Smart Bowls. They help prevent food from drying out or changing colour under refrigeration and shop lighting.

The PETG Lids are manufactured in large quantities to keep the costs down. They are made from thin plastic similar to plastic Coke bottles. They are designed to be a semi-disposable lid that will last about 12 months with care during use and cleaning. These lids have a cutout that allows ticketing to remain fixed to the trays when the lid is removed.

The Acrylic Lids are a premium handcrafted product made in Australia, one lid at a time. This is a labor intensive process which is reflected in the premium price. These lids can be dome or flat topped with or without a notch for ticketing.

The economical Clear PETG Lids are available for 'Small" and "Large" Smart Bowls to help prevent moisture loss. You no longer need to keep replacing cling
film every time you serve a customer.

And the black "Night Time"
are available fpr the
"Small" and "Large" Smart Bowls
to minimise food discolouration
under night lighting.

The crystal clear Acrylic
will protect your food products,
add a professional appearance to your displays but still provide clear
visibility of your products.

The Acrylic Lids are manufactured
to order with either a flat or dome

Optional nothches in the Acrylic Lids
allow ticketing to remain attached to the
bowl when the lid is removed.

Optional metal or acrylic handles
can be included in the custom
design of these Lids

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About Ticketing Options for Melamine Smart Bowls


A range of compatible Food Ticketing options is available for use with Melamine Smart Bowls:

Standard Plain
Food Tickets

Standard Promotional
Food Tickets

Standard Food Tickets with
Push-In Pricing Numbers

DIY Tickets and
Polycarbonate Ticket Holders

DIY Tickets and
Folded Acrylic Ticket Holders

DIY Tickets and
Metal Ticket Holders

DIY Tickets and
Pop Clips

Custom Printed Food Tickets
with Business Names and Logos


 For more information on our range of Food Display Tickets send us an email.

About Compatible Display Products for Melamine Smart Bowls


Maximise the impact of your Melamine Smart Bowls by combining them with these other food display products:

Acrylic Riser Steps provide elevation
to your displays. Available with
an aesthetically pleasing woodgrain
finish. More information.

Acrylic Riser Steps are
also available made from
white acrylic.
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Acrylic Riser Steps are
also available made from
black or clear acrylic.
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Food-contact grade
Non-Slip Matting.
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Decorative Bamboo
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Serving Utensils.
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