Installation of Wall Post Display Systems
One of the cheapest and simplest shopfitting systems to install.

The Wall Posts are quick and easy to install. It can be done by any tradesman or competent handyman.

No special tools are required - just a tape measure, an electric drill, a screwdriver and a good quality spirit level

Then simply screw the posts to the walls using the Wall Brackets supplied or screw directly to the walls without the Wall Brackets. Add the Hanging Rails and other accessories and you are ready to add your merchandise.


How Many Wall Posts Do I Need?


The Wall Post Display System offers the option of 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm wide bay sizes (the horizontal centre to centre distance between the posts).


The most popular bay size for clothing is 900mm. 600mm wide bays are used to display heavy merchandise or to fill in a gap in the wall display.


To work out the number of Wall Posts required first measure the length of the wall. Divide this length by 900mm (or 600mm or 1200mm) to work out how many bays you need.


Fixing the Wall Posts to the Wall


There  Wall Posts can be installed two ways - with Wall Brackets or fixed directly to the wall.


When fixing the Wall Brackets or Wall Posts to the wall it is necessary to fix them into solid fixing points such as bricks, concrete blocks, timber studs or noggins.


Wall Posts should not be fixed into plasterboard, Gyprock or similar wall cladding as these will provide no structural support. If studs and noggins cannot be located at suitable positions along the wall, or if the wall surface is uneven, install two horizontal timber strips at the heights to match the positions of the Wall Brackets or the holes in the Wall Posts.


Fix two rows of the Wall Brackets (if used) to the walls using suitable screws (not supplied). Fit the uprights into the Wall Brackets and tighten the thumb screws. Adjust the feet on the bottom of the Posts to suit your floor level.




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