Expanda-Stand - Features and Benefits

Simply the most advanced brochure display system available.

The unique interlocking design allows you to mix and match to create any number of display variations. Allows you to create brochure displays for any situation .... wall-mounted, counter-top, free-standing floor stands 

Suitable for brochures, leaflets, literature, postcards and magazines.


Expanda-Stand Applications


The basic Expanda-Stand brochure and postcard pockets can be used with:

  • Wall-Mounted displays including Slatwall panels or pegboard
  • Counter-Top displays
  • Floor Carousels, trolleys and foyer stands

Manufactured From Quality Materials


The brochure and postcard pockets are manufactured from crystal-clear, injection moulded polystyrene to enhance your displays.

All metal stands and trolleys are made from durable, light-weight material with a rich powdercoated finish.


Cost Savings Provided by Expanda-Stand


Statistics gathered from research in major Australian cities has shown that approximately 35% of all brochures printed are discarded due to:

  • Damage in their display holders
  • Not being displayed during the life of the brochure, or
  • Damage during handling and transit

The Expanda-Stand brochure and postcard display system was developed to assist in overcoming the wasteage caused by inadequate support in the holders.

Full Height Support


Each Expanda-Stand pocket provides full height support:

  • Eliminates flopping and expensive wasteage of you valuable brochures.
  • Provides brochures with maximum visual impact.

Maximises Brochure Visibility

Even when the Expanda-Stand are used in tiered combinations, the rear brochures retain 50% visibility.

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