About Cable Suspension Cabling System

Streamlined. Contempory. Multifunctional.

The minimalist display systems for:

  • Graphics and Poster Displays
  • Real Estate Display Windows
  • Retail Display Shelving
  • Brochure Display
  • Banner Displays

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About Cable

  • Cable is a suspended merchandising and display system which has been ingeniously designed to create a diverse range of display applications ..... from suspended shelves and graphic display panels to brochure holders and clothing display rails.
  • Cable's design is the result of several years research and development conducted in close consultation with leading architects, designers and retailers.
  • With it's smooth aerodynamic lines and satin chrome finish, Cable provides a stylish contemporary look to any merchandising display.



  • Cable's unique multi-functional componentry allows for both horizontal and vertical suspension accommodating shelves and display panels up to 10mm in thickness.
  • Unlike other systems on the market, Cable components can easily be fitted onto and removed off the vertical wires after they have been installed and tensioned. This allows you to easily change your displays as required.
  • Unobtrusive in size and shape, Cable's streamlined and contemporary design enables discreet displays without detracting from architectural features or merchandise.







 Shelf and/or Display
Panel Application

 Brochure Holder

 Leaflet and Photo
Holder Applications

Banner Displays