About Slatwall Panels and Accessories

The grooved panel-based display system.

Whatever type of business you have there is a Slatwall display solution to help you display your products better.

And help you to maximise sales.

Use Slatwall to create wall-mounted displays, free-standing display units or portable display panels. Or add Slatwall to the backs of showcases or to the ends of shelving units.






Slatwall panels are manufactured from solid panels of the finest quality, medium density fibreboard (MDF). Standard panels are sized 2400mm wide by 1200mm high. The standard thickness is 16mm or 18mm.

Precision-machined T-profile grooves run parallel to either the 2400mm or 1200mm edge and provide the means of attaching the display accessories. Extrusions are inserted in to the grooves to add strength or decorative effect to the panels.


How Slatwall Works


The Slatwall display accessories simply slide into the face of the Slatwall grooves.

They can be positioned anywhere along the groove for ultimate horizontal merchandising flexibility.


The accessory range includes more than 100 different items including:

  • Metal and acrylic shelving
  • Clothing arms and rails
  • Hang-sell hooks
  • Brochure holders and sign holders



Slatwall is ideal for wall and floor merchandising and can be incorporated into other display forms such as gondolas, column surrounds and island shelf units as well as custom-designed displays. 





 Wall mounted

Freestanding Units

 Slatwall Display and
Exhibition Panels

 Slatwall incorporated
into Showcases

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