About Eyeline Display System

Eyeline, the lightweight, all-aluminium alternative to the Slatwall Shopfitting System.

Eyeline features include:

  • Versatile groove configurations.
  • Metallic matt natural anodised aluminium finish as standard
  • Or, subject to minimum order quantities, a stunning range of custom anodised and powdercoated finishes
  • Join free assembly for lengths up to 5 meters
  • Vast accessory range

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About Eyeline

  • Eyeline is an ingeniously designed, all-aluminium profile specifically produced for retail and commercial applications, similar in principle to the Slatwall grooved panelling system.
  • The Eyeline extruded aluminium profiles are supplied in 5 metre lengths which are clipped together, one on top of another. The grooves created by these profiles accept standard Slatwall display accessories anywhere along the length, providing total horizontal merchandising and display flexibility.
  • Eyeline is the contemporary alternative when merchandising and display flexibility is a must.

Applications for Eyeline


Applications for Eyeline include:

Fashion Clothing



Sporting Goods


Garden Centres




Phone Accessories





Books and Stationery



  •  Department Stores
  •  Fishing and Camping
  •  Brochure Displays
  •  Newsagencies
  •  Service Stations
  •  Gift Shops
  •  Hair and Beauty
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Electrical
  •  Toys and Hobbies
  • Hi-Fi
  • Musical Instruments
  •  Travel Agencies
  •  Greeting Cards


 Eyeline can be used to create:

  • Wall-mounted displays
  • Free-standing merchandising units
  • Display bases and plinths
  • Backs of showcases


Features and Benefits of Eyeline


  • Versatile Groove Configurations
    To accommodate merchandise of different heights, Eyeline profiles offer the versatility of a variety of groove configurations - 25mm, 50mm 75mm and 100mm. The 25mm and 50mm groove configurations are ideal for dense merchandising of small items and allow for maximum utilisation of the display area.
    These profiles can be mixed and matched during installation to suit specific height requirements and merchandising needs. Or to create a unique look.

25mm centre to centre
groove separations

50mm centre to centre
groove separations

75mm centre to centre
groove separations

100mm centre to centre
groove separations

  • Functional
    is as functional as it is eye-catching. It can display a vast range of merchandise from lightweight gifts and clothing to heavy weight hardware items. Select from over 100 Eyeline-compatible Slatwall accessories.

    Alternatively Eyeline can be used to create a 'look' and set an overall mood for reception areas, restaurants, office interiors and the like.

  • Stunning Range of Colours and Finishes

    is readily available in a matt natural anodised finish. This anodised finish is a popular finish for computer sales and other high-tech retailers because of its modern, metallic appearance.

    A huge range of other powdercoated or metallic anodised finishes can be supplied to order, subject to minimum order requirements and longer lead times..
  • Lightweight
    weighs about 1/3 the weight of timber-based shopfitting and display systems. This makes it economical to ship and store.
  • Zero Fire Rated
    Eyeline is non-combustible and non toxic, unaffected by water and will not rust or tarnish. Due to its zero fire rating, it is used extensively in sensitive environments such as subways and airports or on larger marine vessels.
  • Easy, One Man Installation
    is easy to work with and install. No rear fixings are required. The only tools required are a spirit level, docking saw, drill and power driver. Lengths of the Eyeline profiles can be fixed directly to a wall, timber studs or vertical battens at any point along the length of the profile. Click here for Installation Instructions.
  • Concealed Fixings
    The Eyeline profiles are fastened to the wall along the top edge. The next length is then dovetailed above the first concealing the fixing points, leaving a clean display. This means that Eyeline can be used over and over again as the fixing holes will never be visible.
  • Hidden Wiring
    Subject to local authority requirements, the Eyeline profile provides a natural conduit to conceal electrical wiring.
  • Recyclable
    is all-aluminium and can be recycled after use.

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