Slatwall Features, Benefits and Specifications

The grooved panel-based display system.

Create your own unique displays for virtually any merchandise. No two installations need ever look the same.

Slatwall panels are available in hundreds of colours and finishes. Mix colours and finishes to create retail zones within your shop or to add visual interest to your displays.

With unlimited groove configurations you can select Slatwall panels to match the display requirements of your merchandise. And there is a choice of extrusions for the grooves.

With one of the largest range of Slatwall compatible accessories available you will be able to display virtually any product. 

Slatwall Panel Sizes


Slatwall panels are manufactured from solid panels of medium density fibreboard (MDF) - providing the durability of wood without the defects.

Standard Slatwall panels are sized 2400mm by 1200mm with the grooves parallel to the long edge.  Panels can be manufactured to order with the grooves parallel to the 1200mm edge at no extra cost. The panels are 18mm thick but manufactured from 16mm boards for some applications and colours.

Unlimited Groove Configurations


Standard Slatwall panels have groove separations of 75mm, 100mm, 150mm or 170mm, measured centre to centre, with a half groove on one edge. This half groove allows one panel to be installed on top of the other with an invisible join.

Groove configurations are easily varied to meet customer's requirements - at no extra cost. Examples include:

  • 50mm groove separations for small hang-sell stock
  • Random groove separations for decorative effect
  • One groove only for brochure displays

Hundreds of Colours and Finishes


 Slatwall panels are available in hundreds of colours and finishes including:

  • Amerind boards
  • Laminex Industries 'Lamiwood', 'Formica" and "WESFI" boards
  • Wilsonart boards
  • Raw MDF suitable for painting
  • Acrylic Mirror

These finishes include:

  • Plain colours
  • Patterns and textures
  • Woodgrains
  • True wood veneers

More Information


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