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Guaranteed to reduce your outdoor ticketing costs.

Garden is one of the BIG retail growth opportunities. Make sure your outdoor Point-of-Sale ticketing reflects this.

These all-weather sign holders allow you to display your own printed paper signs in virtually any indoor or outdoor environment. Ideal for garden centres, hardware stores, market stalls or any outlet requiring weather resistant signs

They are made from clear weather and UV resistant plastic and are proven performers in any outdoor or wet application. 




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Features and Benefits

Cost Comparisons


102-100 - Outdoor Sign Holder with In-ground Spike - A5

Carton of 50:

101-100 - Outdoor Sign Holder with In-ground Spike - A6

Carton of 38:

102-200 - Outdoor Sign Holder - Wall Mountable - A5

Carton of 70:

101-200 - Outdoor Sign Holder - Wall Mountable - A6


103-100 - Outdoor Sign Holder - Wall Mountable - A4


201-100 - Stake Extension for Outdoor Ticket Holders - Black

Carton of 102:

201-204 - Minibase for Outdoor Sign Holders - Black

Carton of 30:

201-220 - Maxibase for Outdoor Sign Holders - Galvanised


201-300 - Multi-purpose Sign Stand - Galvanised

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