Melamine Ceres display Bowls

Melamine Ceres Bowls

New Design Display Bowls for Fresh Food

The Melamine Ceres Dispay Bowls are a recent addition to our product range.

Our customers like them because of their stylish design with soft rounded corners and curved sides. And because there are three colours: Black, White and Terracotta colour. Use one colour for all of your display. Or mix the colours to create zones for different product groups.

Select from two sizes. Clear PVC Lids are available for both sizes. These lids help stop the food products from drying out or other wise deterirating particularly at night.

Some of the best looking displays of salads, antipasto and olives we have seen uses these Melamine Ceres Display Bowls. Combine the bowls with our Display Risers and Steps to create displays with WOW! Factor.

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Page last updated 23 July 2018