About P-Touch Electronic Labellers

Make your own labels when you need them.

With the Brother P-Touch range of electronic labellers you can create professional, durable laminated labels for any application.

  • Range of models
  • User friendly features
  • Variety of uses


  • With a Brother P-Touch Electronic labeller you can create colourful, durable labels for virtually any home, office, business, school or industrial application.
  • P-Touch labellers stand apart from the rest because they use unique patented laminated labels which means they will resist marks, rips and tears. P-Touch laminated labels are also non toxic, water, heat and cold resistant and when removed, won't leave a sticky residue that other labels do.
  • If you want labels with that professional touch make sure you choose a P-Touch.

Variety of Models



Dual operation


Computer connected

Since its introduction in 1989, the Brother range of P-Touch labellers has grown to include:

  • Handheld Models
    Several economically priced labellers designed for portability. Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Print 1-2 lines of text. Manual tape cutters. Battery powered for optimum mobility.
  • Desktop Models
    Superior performance with portability. Larger display screens,. Wider range of features. Prints multiple lines of text. Dual power source - batteries and AC
  • Computer Connectable Models
    The models come with powerful label design software to print images, characters, logos and barcodes. Link to databases.

Printing Effects