BUY Acrylic Display Cubes, Trays and Bins

Our acrylic cubes, trays and bins are a great way to display a wide range of items

Use the large acrylic cube as a cover to help keep your displayed items free of dust and customer's fingerprints. Or use them as a plinth or riser and display your items on top to elevate the display.

The smaller acrylic bins are available in several sizes, both round and rectangular. They are perfect for displaying smaller impulse product lines on counters and shelves, or as part of a larger display of featured products.

We frequently supply these acrylic cubes and bins to display hair care and beauty products, jewellery and other clothing accessories, collectables, product samples, museums and gallery items.

The items listed on this page are all readily available in these standard sizes. But, subject to minimum order quantities and manufacturing lead times we can supply similar items in other sizes to suit your requirements. Typically the requirements for custom made items are a minimum or value of $2000.00 and lead times of 2-5 weeks.


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