Installation of Wall-Mounted Displays

Instructions for installing the Aluminium Wall Bar.



Installation Instructions



  • The Aluminium Wall Bar is recommended as an economical way to display multiple pockets  on walls.
  • The Aluminium Wall Bar should be securely screwed into the studs of cavity walls or into the masonry of solid walls. It is recommended that fixing only to plasterboard sheeting be avoided as tiered displays of holders full of brochures are relatively heavy.
  • Drill screw holes in the Wall Bar no greater than 900mm apart or to match the distance between the wall studs.
  • Use a spirit level to ensure that the Aluminium Wall Bar is installed level.
  • 6G x 25mm pan head wood screws are rocommended for fixing into timber.
  • 6G x 25mm pan head self tapping screws and suitable plastic wall plugs are rocommended for fixing into masonry.
  • The Expanda-Stand brochure holders clip easily onto the Aluminium Wall Bar. Additional rows of holders clip on to the first row to create tiered displays. To clip the holders together, place the back of the front holder onto the front surfave of the second holder ans simply pull the front holder down until they clip together.
  • It is recommended that a maximum of 4 holders deep are hung vertically from the Aluminium Wall Bar, otherwise the gap between the bottom holder and the wall becomes too large. If more holders are required simply fix another Aluminium Wall Bar below the top bank of brochure holders and hang the extra holders from this Wall Bar.
  • For tiered displays it is recommended that a Universal Base Bracket be used on the third or fourth holders from the top. This allows the bottom of the unit to rest against the wall to stabilise the display.