About Point-of-Sale Products and Materials

The finishing touch.

Point-of-Sale (or Point-of-Purchase) promotional products are designed to influence the buying behaviour of customers, and provide them with information that cannot be communicated solely by the merchandise.

And, most importantly, Point-of-Sale Products are designed to help you increase sales.


The Importance of Point-of-Sale Products

  • The term Point-of-Sale is derived from the fact that this form of advertising reaches the consumers when they are at the 'point' or location where the product is available for sale or purchase.
  • Successful retailers recognise the extent of purchase decisions that are made at the point of purchase. Studies into consumer purchase behaviour have shown that 65% of a customer's purchasing decisions are made at store level. This could mean that 65% of your sales are either won or lost depending on the decision processes of a customer as they stand in your store. The customer must be convinced at the point of purchase because two thirds of them are making up their minds right there.
  • Other surveys have shown that up to 50% of potential customers leave a store without making a purchase when they had originally intended to buy. With the correct use of point-of-sale material you can create the right environment to promote a positive purchase decision and minimise the 'walk-out' rate.
  • Surveys by shopping centre management companies have highlighted the importance of how effective price presentation is towards increasing sales. In brief, these surveys have shown that sales increased by 49% when a product was ticketed with a product benefit and a sale price, against the same product with no ticket but at the same price.

Select From a Wide Range of Products for Every Retail Application






Price Tickets
Range of styles and sizes.Shown here displayed
in Acrylic Card Holders

Price Tickets
Small Tickets shown
displayed in 'Grip Strip' Label Holders on Flipper Hooks

Typical application
fixed directly on to the
fronts of shelves

Printed Plastic Wobblers
Insert into Data Strip or
fix directly on to the fronts
of shelves


Promotional Labels
Fix directly on to your merchandise. Range of
styles and colours

Price Point Showcards
Make it easier for your customers to clearly see
the promotional price

Fluorescent Coloured Stars
Great for spot specials.
Select from reuseable or
non-reuseable styles

And much, much more.