About Mark 5 Gondola Shelving System

Heavy duty shelving for retail display.

Australian made. Versatile. Custom made to your specifications.

Select from single or double sided shelving in a range of widths, lengths and depths. Plain metal or wire mesh shelves. Plain, punched metal (pegboard) or Slatwall infill panels. Large range of display accessories.

And Mark 5 Shelving can be made in any powdercoat colour to suit your decor.

Introduction - Mark 5 Gondola Shelving


The Mark 5 Gondola Shelving System is one of the world's most versatile shelving systems, providing retailers and other businesses with the following benefits:
  • Strong
    Constructed from medium to heavy duty steel depending on the application. Shelves are reinforced to handle heavy-weight items like paint cans in a hardware store or cartons of tinned food in a supermarket.
  • Easy to install
    Designed for rapid, simple, low cost installation. Components clip together quickly and easily. No bolts. No screws. All you require is a soft mallet.
  • Easy to modify
    Existing units can be altered or expanded at any time to meet changing store or merchandising needs.
  • Versatile
    All Mark 5 Gondola Shelving is manufactured to order to your specifications. Select from single or double sided units in a range of sizes and options. And because it is made to order you can choose from many different powdercoat colours (subject to minimum order requirements).
  • Economical
    The simple design of the Mark 5 Gondola Shelving System reduces the number of components making it a cost effective shelving solution for all businesses.


Basic Components - Mark 5 Gondola Shelving


  • Most Mark 5 Gondolas consist of two essential components - Upright Posts and the interlocking, sheet metal, Infill Panels. These two components clip together easily without the need for special tools. The infill panels can be plain or punched metal pegboard or louvre panels.
  • Alternatively, Slatwall panels can be used as infill panels. Slatwall is a grooved display panel with a range of over 200 compatible display accessories. Slatwall is often specified where the aesthetics of the shopfittings are important.
  • If infill panels are not required, Top and Bottom Rails are used to join the Upright Posts.
  • The Upright Posts and the Infill panels are locked together with the sheet metal base shelves.
  • Additional shelves are then clipped into the Upright Posts. Select from plain metal shelves, slotted metal shelves with wire shelf fronts and shelf dividers, wire mesh shelves or Lamiwood or simliar board shelves.
  • Other display accessories are clipped into the punched metal pegboard or Slatwall infill panels.
  • Add-on bays are connected to the first bay to form aisles of shelving. Each add-on bay shares an Upright Post with the connected bay.

Features of Mark 5 Gondola Shelving






 Heavy Duty Uprights
60x30mm or 90x30mm
Slot-punched to take infill panels, shelf brackets and accessories.

 Levelling Feet
Upright Posts are supplied
with adjustable levelling
feet to cater for
uneven floors.

 Punched Metal Panels
With 'volvano' style holes
to accept standard
pegboard hooks and

 Reinforced Shelves
Strengthening ribs on
underside for added
strength and load
carrying capacity.

Accessories for Mark 5 Gondola Shelving


An effective range of accessories for every display application:

 Sheet Metal Shelves
Plain or slotted

 Wire Mesh Shelves
Chrome or powdercoat

 Wire Baskets
For smaller items

  Component Trays
For small parts

 Shelf Brackets
Straight or angled

 Facia Brackets
For pelmets

 Book Shelves
Sheet metal or boards

 Shelf Front and Dividers
To contain stock

Plus many more - to display most types of merchandise.

Applications for Mark 5 Gondola Shelving


Common applications for Mark 5 Gondola Shelving include:

  • Hardware
  • Rural merchandise
  • Small to medium size supermarkets
  • Marine distributors
  • Computer shops 
  • Convenience stores
  • Service stations
  • Variety and discount merchandisers
  • Pharmacy
  • Grocery
  • Department stores
  • Gift shops
  • Book shops
  • Duty free shops
  • Health food retailers
  • Spare parts and automotive outlets
  • Newsagencies
  • Electrical and plumbing retailers and wholesalers
  • Liquor shops
  • Fruit and vegetable retailers
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Stationery retailers
  • Toy shops
  • Lighting shops

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