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We are not a supplier of all types of pens and markers.

But we do supply a range of special pens and markers to provide superior results when used with the display products we sell.

Our Wet Wipe Markers are a wet erasable marker pen designed for use on non-porous surfaces like Acrylic Signboards, A-Frames and Glass Black Boards.

We do not sell the commonly available Liquid Chalk Markers as these pens are not recommended for most retail or commercial applications.

Other types of special pens and markers available through this web site include Fluorescent Markers for Writable LED Signboards and Projection Markers for superior performance on Plastic Food Display Tickets.



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Typical Applications for our Specialised Pens and Markers
 Wet Wipe Markers
For Acrylic Signboards
  Wet Wipe Markers
For Acrylic A-Frames
  Wet Wipe Markers
Glass Blackboards
 Fluorescent Markers
For 'Sparkle' LED Signboards
 Projection Markers
For Plastic Food Tickets
 Pen Sets and Ink
For Ticket Writing

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All prices include GST but exclude Packing and Delivery Charges.
The Minimum Order Excluding Packing and Delivery Charges is $75.00.

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