About Slatbox Storage and Display System

The universal storage and display system.

Slatbox storage and display boxes are the only ones in the world designed to attach directly to most shopfitting systems, including:

  • Every slotted wall system including Slatwall and Eyeline.
  • Mesh display systems including Slatgrid, Slatmesh, Gridmesh and similar mesh display systems with twin horizontal wires.
  • And punched metal and board style Pegboard used in Gondola Shelving.



Slatbox was developed by an Australian company searching for the perfect storage and display system. When they couldn't find it, they invented Slatbox and now distribute these innovative storage boxes around the world.

The one-piece box uses a built-in slat hook to fit exisiting store fixtures including Slatwall and Slatmesh. With an expanding range of interchangeable sizes and colours, Slatbox maximises display space at minimal cost. 


Features and Benefits of Slatbox

  • Cost Effective
    Slatbox prices compare favourably with acrylic, wire mesh, plastic and metal containers.
  • Long Lasting
    Slatbox containers are designed for durability. Made from super-tough fade-resistant polypropylene, Slatbox products will last, retaining shape and colour regardless of the environment.
  • Stackable
    All Slatbox products nest neatly together saving you transport and warehousing costs.
  • Stylish Design
    Select from 4 designs to suit any retail and storage application.

Applications for Slatbox


Slatbox is a multi-purpose storage system with counless commercial and domestic applications:

  • Retail Display
    Slatbox is the ideal way of displaying small to medium size stock that is not suitable for hang-sell or shelf displays. Slatbox easily handles heavy, bulky and irregular shaped items. The open design of the containers allows quick visual checks of stock levels.
  • Materials Handling
    Slatbox can be used on wall mounted or on free-standing displays using Slatwall, Slatmesh or pegboard. Or simply sit the containers on shelving units. 
  • Home Use
    Reorganise you home storage of tools, hobbies, nuts, bolts, and screws, laundry requisites ...anything.
  • Hospitals and Doctor's Surgeries
    Use for bandages and other consumables.
  • Workshops
    Automotive garages, computer repair workshops, electricians, plumbers and other trades can all use Slatbox to help get organised and maximise workshop space.
  • Backroom Storage
    Slatbox is the perfect solution to get your backroom organised. And the Slatbox system is easily changed to meet your changing needs.
  • Motor Dealerships
    Use in the spare parts department or in the accessories department to display accessories and point-of-sale merchandise.


Incredible Strength!

  • Innovative Design
    Ensures all of your storage requirements can be met by the Slatbox system.
  • Working Weight Loadings of 11kg to 30kg
    All Slatbox containers have been weight certified to determine working load capacity with certification to Australian and International standards.
  • Examples of Slatbox Strength
    These pictures illustrate the load carrying capacity of Slatbox. Even the smallest Slatbox is able to carry more than 20kg of lead. The only limiting factor to how much weight you Slatbox container will carry will be the load carrying capacity of your wall system.




 Over 20kg of lead

 Strong enough for
plumbing fittings

 Lead sinkers in
a fishing store