• Description

 Fact File:
 Made from:  Premuim 5mm thick Melamine
 Made in:  Designed in Europe. Made in China.
 One Sizes:  Bowl: 265x150x100mm.
 Insert: 270x160x45mm. 
 Colours available:  Terracotta
 Heat resistant:  Suitable for use from -20 to +120 degrees C.
 Packaging:  Individually wrapped. Packed in cartons of 12.
 Availability:  Currently good stocks are available
 Main Features:
  • Stylish European design.  
  • Made from melamine
  • Optional Inserts available to "dummy up"
    your displays
 Recommended for:
  • Delicatessens
  • Gourmet Food Shops

Stylish European design
With winged corners

Closeup of the rim
Showing the minimalist design

For ease of shipping and storage

Side view
Highlighting the aesthetically
pleasing design

View of the Bottom of the Bowl
Showing the ribs and non-slip inserts
to minimise slippage during use

View of the Bottom of the Insert
Showing the ribs - excludes the
non-slip inserts

One Bowl Size only
With matching Insert

Insert Fits Snugly into the Bowl
Easy to remove for cleaning

Use Insert to 'Dummy Up' Displays
Less stock is required to give the appearance of abundance

Handcrafted Acrylic Lids
Custom manufactured.
Email us for details.