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The universal storage and display system.

Shelfbox is one of several styles of Slatbox Containers - designed to be the most universal storage and display system on the market. The Shelfbox style is our most popular container for sitting on shelves to store spare parts and other semi industrial items.

Shelfbox containers fit directly into most commonly available shopfitting systems including Slatwall, Eyeline, Slatgrid and the pegboard used in Gondola Shelving. Or sit on shelves.

The Shelfbox range is durable, long lasting and is the ideal solution for storing small parts from nuts and bolts, sinkers and hooks to beads and badges.With its innovative shape Shelfbox makes even the smallest items accessible and easy to display. The handy label holder on the front helps with identification and sorting.

Optional lock-in dividers are available for most Shelfbox containers.

Please note: Shelfbox Containers are not a stock line. We will advise availailbity when ordered.
Shelfbox Containers are also available in Yellow, Red, Black, White, Green and Blue subject to minimum order quantities of 20 per size and extended despatch times of 15+ days. Prices are the same as the Clear Shelfbox containers.

 Scroll down the page to view the complete range of Clear Shelfbox Containers:

01-08D-CR - Slatbox - Shelfbox 1 (100)

01-05D-CR Slatbox - Shelfbox 2 (200)

01-06D-CR Slatbox - Shelfbox 3 (300)

01-07D-CR Slatbox - Shelfbox 4 (400)

02-D-CL - Divider D for Shelfbox 1, 2, 3 or 4

03-PEG-02 - Metric Pegboard Adaptor for Slatbox

03-PEG-01 - Imperial Pegboard Adaptor for Slatbox

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