BUY Eyeline Extrusions, Caps and Trims

Eyeline - the all-aluminium shopfitting system.

Select from readily available Eyeline profiles in matt natural anodised aluminium finish.

For medium to large orders Eyeline is supplied in 5000mm lengths. For smaller orders it is recommended that Eyeline is cut in half (2500mm lengths) for ease of shipping. 

Eyeline can also be supplied in a range of anodised or powdercoated finishes subject to minimum order quantities of 50 lengths and longer manufacturing lead times. Priced for custom colours range from 25% to 50% higher than the standard anodised finish. Email us for a quotation for custom anodised or powdercoated finishes.

Per Length:

EL25FMN - Eyeline 25mm - Matt Natural Anodised

Per Length:

EL50FMN - Eyeline 50mm - Matt Natural Anodised

Per Length:

EL75FMN - Eyeline 75mm - Matt Natural Anodised

Per Length:

EL100FMN - Eyeline 100mm - Matt Natural Anodised

Per Length:

EL1AMATT - Aluminium Top Capping

Per Length:

EL25FCAPMN - Aluminium Top Capping

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