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Creat eye-catching displays in any retail environment

  • 4-Basket or 6-Basket Stands
  • Supplied as a set including Style 1 Polywicker Baskets
  • Also with chocolate coloured baskets. Email for details

About Stands for Premium Polywicker Baskets

With 4 or 6 baskets

Two basket colours

Two basket sizes

These Basket Display Stands are made tough to last. The basket are dishwashable and the baskets are reinforced with stainless steel wires for strength. The stands feature a strong metal pole and cradles with a 5-Legged Base. The baskets can be moved up and down or around the pole to ensure your merchandise is presented to its best advantage.

The Basket Stands includes the natural colour Low Medium Polywicker Basket. Subject to availability we can also supply these stands with the deeper Medium Polywicker Baskets in either the natural or chocolate colour.

Photo Polywicker Basket Stands Heavy Duty

Strong steel base, pole and cradles

Photo Polywicker Basket Stands Detail

Close up of basket in cradle

Photo Polywicker Basket Stands Uses

6 basket stands


Made from:Polywicker baskets. Steel stands
Sizes:4-basket, 6-basket
Made in:Australian design. Made in China.
Food grade:Yes
For:All retailers
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
National Chains:

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Premium Large Display Stand with 6 Low Medium Polywicker Baskets

Lower Price for 5+


Counter Top Stand with 3 Natural Polywicker Baskets

Lower Price for 5+


Counter Top Stand with 3 Chocolate Polywicker Baskets

Lower Price for 5+


Single Polywicker Basket with Floor Stand

Lower Price for 5+


Photo Polywicker Basket Stands for Fresh Produce

Great for selected fresh produce displays and selected specials

Phot Polywicker Basket Stand near Produce Bin

Use for cross merchandising or when you have surplus stock

Photo Polywicker Basket Stands for Toys

Not just for fresh produce but snack foods, toys, gifts ........

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