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display matting for produce displays

To cushion and protect your fresh produce

  • Non slip matting
  • Soft EVA matting
  • Decorative wood wool and bamboo matting

About Display Matting

Select from 6 styles styles of Display Matting and Decorative Products to protect you fresh produce and the equipment it is displayed on. And to create more visually exciting displays.

Our Non-Slip Display Matting (also known as Case Liner) is suitable for all fresh food displays including in displays in produce, meat, seafood, dairy and produce, meat, seafood, dairy and deli departments.

In your produce department this matting will cushion perishable items to prevent bruising. And it will help prevent items from slipping on sloping display shelves.

Non-Slip Matting is easy to keep clean, can be cut to size and will help you save money by reducing the maintenance on display bins and refrigerated shelving.


Non Slip Matting for Produce Displays Image

Non Slip Matting Rolls
Charcoal, Green and Beige.
18 metre rolls. Various widths.

Flat EVA Display Matting Image

Flat EVA Matting Sheets
Soft dense foam-like sheets
610 x 910 x5mm

Damboo Display Matting Image

Bamboo Matting
Great for visual effect
1240mm long rolls x 700mm wide 

Wood Wool Sold in Bales Link Image

Wood Wool
Sold in Bales 13Kg

Slatted Wooden Base Image

Slatted Wooden Base
Adds rustic character to fresh
food displays


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Soft EVA Heavy Duty Matting Sheet. Flat. No Cavities.

Lower Price for 10+


Non Slip Display Matting - Green 900mm x 18m


Non Slip Display Matting - Black 1200mm x 18m

Roll Each

Non Slip Matting Black 900mm x 18m

Lower Price for 2+
Woode Wool with Polywicker Baskets Image


Wood Wool with Wooden Display Crate Image


Wood Wool with Natural Wicker Baskets Image



Hesian with Polywicker Baskets Image

Sample text simply exists so you can see what your new block looks like.


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