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These products are no longer available


About Real Wicker Display Baskets

Real natural wicker

Not for most fresh food

Includes basket liners

Real Wicker Baskets Closeup View of Weave

Optional Liners for Real Wicker Baskets
Lids for Real Wicker Baskets

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These products are no longer available


Wicker Basket - Round

*Carton of 20*


Wicker Basket - Round

400 dia. x 200mm


Wicker Basket - Rectangular Slant

380 x 480 x 160/260mm


Wicker Basket - Oval

580 x 290 x 200mm

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Applications for Real Wicker Baskets 1
Applications for Real Wicker Baskets 3
Applications for Real Wicker Baskets 3

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