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The Modular Brochure Display System

From just a few components you can create:

  • Counter Brochure Displays
  • Floor Brochure Displays
  • Wall-Mounted Brochure Displays

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Award winning, Australian design

Modular componentry

Counter, wall and floor applications

Basic components

The Expandastand brochure display system is based around individual, crystal-clear, injection moulded plastic pockets. These pockets have tabs that allow them to be clipped together and used  in any number of display variations.

Basic Components Brochure Pockets Image Brochure Display Pockets
3 Sizes for the following brochure sizes:A4: 210mm wide x 297mm highA5: 148mm wide x 210mm highTrifold (DL): 100mm wide x 210mm high
Basic Components Brochure Pockets Closeup Image

Closeup of Tabs
Allow the pockets to be clipped together in a tiered fashion. Or clipped on to the Wall Bar or Floor Stands

Basic Components Postcard Pockets Image

Postcard Display Pockets
2 Sizes for these standard postcard sizes:
Horizontal:  170mm wide x 105mm high
Vertical: 105mm wide x 170mm high

Counter Top Brochure Displays

To create counter brochure displays simply clip the Expanda-Stand Universal Base Bracket onto the back of the brochure holder. This component works with all of the brochure and postcard pocket sizes. Use to create single or multi-pocket counter displays.

Expandastand Universal Base Bracket for Counter Displays

Universal Base Bracket

Expandastand Base Bracket for Multi Pocket Counter Displays Image

Use for Single or Multi-Pocket Displays

Expandastand Base Bracket for Multi Pocket Counter Display with Brochures Image

Multi-Pocket Displays with Brochures

One of the main advantages of this system is that it is modular making it easy to add or remove individual holders as required.

Wall-Mounted Displays

The Aluminium Wall Bar converts the Expanda-Stand Brochure Holders to Wall-Mountable Displays. Simply screw this Wall Bar to suitable walls and clip the individual brochure holder pockets on to the Bar. The main advantages or wall displays are space-efficiency compared to other display methods. And lower cost when compared to floor displays.

Expanda-Stand Brochure Holders Aluminium Wall Bar

Aluminium Wall Bar

Wall Mounted Displays Side View Sketch

Side View Sketch

Expanda-Stand Wall Mounted Brochure Holders

Modular Wall Displays

To set up the brochure holders clip the first row on to the Wall Bar. Then clip the next row onto the first row and tier them down 4 or 5 rows deep.

Expanda-Stand Brochure Holders Wall Mounted Image

Brochure Holders Wall Display

Expanda Stand Wall MOunted Postcard Holders Image

Postcard Holders Wall Display

Expanda-Stand Brochure Holders Modular Displays Image

Brochure Holders Modular Displays

Expand-Stand Brochure Holders are modular. It is easy to add or remove individual holders from the Wall Bar at any time in response to changes in the number of brochures you have to display. And any wall display need not consist of only one brochure holder size. Different sizes can be mixed on the same or different rows.

Floor Stands with Brochure Pockets

Several different styles of floor stands are available to convert the brochure holders to free-standing displays

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