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Flat Adhesive Data Strip Profiles for larger labels and tickets

Similar to the Flat Data Strips for 26mm labels shown on another page but in larger sizes:

  • Two standard lengths 914mm and 1200mm
  • For 30mm, 39mm, 60mm and 80mm label heights
  • Clear fronts with clear or colored back panels
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Improve your customers shopping experience

Give them the product information they need to make their buying decisions

Retail and warehouse applications

More retailers are recognising the importance of improving their customers shopping experience as a way of distinguishing their shops from those of their opposition. Over 65% of customers says they want more information about the products they want to buy. Adding more product information onto larger Data Strip labels is one way of doing this.

An example of this trend includes one national supermarket chain that recently increased the height of their Data Strips from 26mm to 39mm. Many liquor outlets now use Data strips for 60mm or even 80mm high labels so they can include more product information like wine reviews and ratings, food parings and multi-buy prices.

Warehouses require their shelf edge labels to be larger and easier to read by staff. Our 60mm Data Strips are the most popular for this purpose but 80mm Data Strips are also available.

Data Strip More Flat Adhesive Close Up Image

Data Strips Flat with Adhesive: Typical application fixed to shelf fronts

Data Strip Flat Adhesive More Shelf Talker Clip Image
Data Strips Flat with Adhesive: Using shelf talker tickets and clips
Data Strips Flat Adhesive Dimensions Image
Cross section sketch: With Dimensions
Data Strip More Flat Adhesive Features Image

Cross section sketch: Features



The Data Strip profiles shown on this page do not have the Grip Strip. If you need to display promotional tickets and tags use one of the Data Strip Display Accessories for this purpose.

Note: Many Gondola Shelves used by businesses are 25-30mm high. If you use these taller Data Strip profiles they will hang below the shelf. You may need to re-position your shelves so your products do not catch on to the Data Strip when removed from the shelves.

Essential info:

Type:Flat Adhesive
Adhesive Strip:German Tesa tapes
Grip Strip:No
Fronts:Clear 100% scanable
Backs:Clear and colours
Lengths mm's: 914 and 1200mm
Cut to size:Yes. Minimum 200.
Height External mm's:34, 43, 64, 80
Height Internal mm's:30, 39, 60, 80
Request for more specifications
Optional:Data Strip Accessories
Made from:Highest quality PVC
Designed in:Australia
Made in:South Korea not China
For:All businesses
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:For National Retailers *
* More information Special Pricing

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