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trays for MEAT, ready made meals and pastry pack displays 

Special designs for special applications

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Display Trays for meat packs

More Trays for ready made meal packs

 Display Trays for packaged pastries

These Display Trays for Food Packs are similar to the Standard Ready Made Meal Trays shown elsewhere on this website. Most designs were developed to solve specific display dilemmas for major clients. But they are now readily available for all customers. They will help businesses to better present their packed, ready to eat meal packs and packed fresh meats.

Smaller Display Trays for Pre-Packed Meat and Meals

As packaging technologies for fresh meat improve there is a greater demand for effective ways to display vacuum packed meat ("skins"). And meat packed using the newer thermo plastic will add to this demand. As consumers come to appreciate the advantages including extended shelf life, preservative-free, cook-in-the-pack, the convenience and the 3D-presentaion demand will grow further.

Meat Pack Display Trays Application Image

Typical application

Meat Pack Display Trays Closeup Image


Meat Pack Display Tray Side View

Side View with Meal Pack

They are not just for meat packs but many ready-made meal packs, even some pastries

Meat Pack Display Tray Cut Away Front Image

Cutaway Fronts

Meat Pack Display Tray for Ready Meals Image

Meat Pack Trays for Ready Meals

Meat Pack Trays for Pies and Pastries Image

Meat Pack Trays for Pies and Pastries

The cut-away fronts of these smaller trays make sure all of the product information on the packs can be read by your customers.

Display Trays for Meat Packs

These display trays have been designed specifically for pre-packed meat, as these packs are typically thicker than the packs for ready made meals

Display Trays for Meat Packs Application Image

For Meat Packs

Display Trays for Meat Packs Closeup Image

Closeup View

Display Trays for Meat Packs Side View Image

Side View

Display Trays for Meat Packs Application Image 003

For Chicken Packs

Display Trays for Meat Packs Application Image 002

Also or Ready Made Meal Packs


Display Trays for Pastry Packs

Single serve pastries are always difficult to display on cooled supermarket shelves. This display tray has been specifically designed to overcome this difficulty.

Display Tray for Pastry Packs


Display Tray for Paastry Packs Closeup View Image


Displat Tray for Pasty Packs Side View Image

Side View


Type:Trays for Ready Meals and meat
Made fromFood contact grade plastics
Standard Sizes:Three
Custom Sizes: Yes
Standard Colours:Black, Clear, White
Custom Colours:Ask
Request for more specifications
Made in:Australia
For:Fresh Food Retailers
Availability:Despatched in 24-48 hours
Freight:Calculated at Checkout
Discounts:See Detailed Product Views
Special Prices:For National Retailers *
* More information on Ready Meal Tray Special Pricing

Sample Packs

We understand the difficulties in ordering these products on line. It is important that the trays match the products you need to displa on them. Email us to Request a Sample Pack of Ready Made Meal Trays. Don't forget to include your business name and delivery address. We do make a small charge  for these sample packs to cover their packing and delivery costs.

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Click to send email: Request for Free Delivery of Ready Made Meal Trays.  May apply to orders over $500 delivered to Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide areas.
Pack of 13

Display Tray for Pre-packed Meals and Meat

6 x 35mm deep slots
Black or Clear
Cheaper for 5 Packs or more

Pack of 15

Display Tray for Pre-packed Meat

4 x 70mm deep slots
Black or White
Cheaper for 5 Packs or more

Pack of 10

Display Tray for Pre-packed Pastries

10 x 45mm deep slots
Black only
Cheaper for 5 Packs or more

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