Stone White Food Display Bowls Image


White bowls with a spckled finish to add a touch of class

  • New design with a unique tri-lobal design
  • Three sizes of bowls plus matching dishes
  • Recommended for many deli and gourmet food displays including olives, salads, antipasto, casserole and value-added mixes.

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Attention-grabbing designs

Mix and match sizes, colours and styles

Australia-wide deliveries

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Stone White Bowls Indicative Design Image

Indicative bowl design

Stone White Bowls Top View Image

Tri-lobal design

Stone White Bowls Side View Image

Wavy top edge

Stone White Bowl Bottom View Image

Non-slip ribbed base

Stone White Bowls Speckled Finish Image

Speckled finish

Three sizes

Matching dishes

Combine with Risers

Stone White Bowls on Deli Steps

Compatible with Deli Steps


Application: Poultry pieces





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Images and Prices for these Stone White Bowls are currenly being updated. In the meantime Email us for Prices of the Stone White Bowls

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