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  • Consumer-friendly design
  • Several sizes and capacities
  • Wall mounting hardware or shelf displays
  • Easy to clean. Easy to refill.
  • Wall Display Unit also available

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These bulk food bins have been designed to conveniently dispense free-flowing bulk food products without the need for scoops.

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bin How They Work Image

How they work

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins Main Features

Main Features

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins In-Store Use Image

In-Store Application

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins make it easy you your customers to select the product they want and buy just the quantity they need. Reduced food waste. Reduced packaging.

The main design features include an easy-to-remove top lid, front and back hoppers, large handle to dispense the products on display and a wide-mouth exit chute. The front low capacity hopper is always full to maintain an appearance of abundance from the front. No unappealing near empty looking bins on busy days.

Gravity Feed BUlk Food Bins Three Sizes Image

Three sizes

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bin Side View

Side View

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bin Lid Image

Easy to fill. Easy to Clean

The side view of the bulk food bins shows the always-full front hopper. Simply remove the lid for easy cleaning and refilling. The bins can be easily removed from the display to make these tasks easier.


Type:Gravity Feed Bins
Tub Made From:Polycarbonate
Lid Made From :

Food Grade:

Tub and lid
FDA Approved:
BPA Free:
Standard Sizes:
13 and 19 litre
Standard Colours:Clear, black lid, base


Custom Sizes:No
Custom Colours:
Scoop and tether:n/a
Label Holder:
Made in:

Designed For:

Bulk Food Retailers
Availability:Sent in 36-72 hours
Freight: Calculated at Checkout
Include GST
Discounts:See Detailed Views


Mounting options

The choice is yours.

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins on Shelves Image

Mount on shelves and fixtues

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins Wall Mounted Image

Mount on walls and gondola shelving

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins Wall Mounting Bracket Image

Wall mounting bracket

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bin Standing Foot Image

Standing Foot

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bin Hanging Bracket

Optional Wall-mount Bracket

The bins are easy to fix to shelves, horizontal counters, buffet tables and other fixtures. However, most stores prefer to mount the bins on walls. The horizontal wall bracket is easy to screw-fix to rigid brick or stud walls. The bins simply clip on to this wall bracket. But they can also be mounted on most standard commercial quality gondola shelving using the application-specific horizontal bar. The ends are compatible with the pitch of most shelving brands.

What other stores are doing with these bins:

Gravity Feed BUlk Food Bin for cereals

For cereals

Gravity Feed BulkFood Bins for Coffee Image

For coffee beans

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins for Snack Foods Image

For confectionery

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins for Confectionery Image

For confectionery

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins Combined with other Bins Image

Combine with other bulk food bins

Gravity Feed Bulk Food Bins for Space Saving Displays Image

Space saving displays

Bulk Bin Wall Display Unit

Bulk Food Bin Wall Display Unit In Store Image

A complete Wall Display Unit ready to display a large range of unpackages, bulk foods, confectionery, pet foods and more. Includes:

  • Metal Single Sided Wall Display Stand
  • 6 x 13 litre Gravity Feed BIns
  • 1 x Spillage Tray
  • 15 x 13 litre Bulk Food Bins with internal Scoop Holders and Scoops
  • Canopy suitable for installation of signage and lighting

This Unit does not include the wooden shelves shown each side of the Display Unit.

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Gravity Feed Bin Medium

13 litre capacity
152 x 340 x 570mm high
Lower price for 6 or more


Gravity Feed Bin Large

19 litre capacity
152 x 340 x 710mm high
Lower Price for 6 or more


Bulk Bin Wall Display Unit

Complete Wall Display Unit including Stand, Bins and Tubs
Lower price for 2 or more

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