Applications for Slatbox

  • Description

Slatbox is a multi-purpose storage system with counless commercial and domestic applications:

  • Retail Display
    Slatbox is the ideal way of displaying small to medium size stock that is not suitable for hang-sell or shelf displays. Slatbox easily handles heavy, bulky and irregular shaped items. The open design of the containers allows quick visual checks of stock levels.
  • Materials Handling
    Slatbox can be used on wall mounted or on free-standing displays using Slatwall, Slatmesh or pegboard. Or simply sit the containers on shelving units. 
  • Home Use
    Reorganise you home storage of tools, hobbies, nuts, bolts, and screws, laundry requisites ...anything.
  • Hospitals and Doctor's Surgeries
    Use for bandages and other consumables.
  • Workshops
    Automotive garages, computer repair workshops, electricians, plumbers and other trades can all use Slatbox to help get organised and maximise workshop space.
  • Backroom Storage
    Slatbox is the perfect solution to get your backroom organised. And the Slatbox system is easily changed to meet your changing needs.
  • Motor Dealerships
    Use in the spare parts department or in the accessories department to display accessories and point-of-sale merchandise.