About Slatwall Straight Shelf Brackets

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Our Premium (Heavy Duty) Slatwall Shelf Brackets feature an elongated "dimple" along the length of the blade for extra strength.

The maximum weight loadings on a Slatwall Shelf Brackets will ultimately depend on how well the Slatwall Panels are fixed to the wall. Click here for Installation Instructions. However, to give you a guide, a 250mm Premium Heavy Duty Slatwall Shelf Bracket is capable of holding a maximum, evenly distributed load of up to about 30kg to 35kg. In heavy applications use more of the Slatwall Shelf Brackets to spread the load across several brackets.




 Premium Slatwall Shelf Bracket
Showing the 'dimple' (red arrow) in the
blade of the bracket for extra strength

 Premium Slatwall Shelf Bracket
Showing the strong weld (red arrow) and
the curved, stylish designed back plate

 Premium Slatwall Shelf Bracket
Rear view showing the soft pad (arrow) used to protect the face of the Slatwall


We recommend using our Slatwall Shelf Brackets with the optional Plastic Shelf Rests.

These simply clip over the bracket to support the shelf. Two are required for each Shelf Bracket.

If using board shelves discard the Plastic Grommets and use the Shelf Rests by themselves by screwing through the Shelf Rest into the underside of the shelf. Alternatively use the Shelf Rests and Grommets together and sit the shelves on top. Friction between the shelf and the Grommet prevents the shelf moving off the brackets.

For glass shelves both the Shelf Rests and Grommets are required.

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