About Slatwall Adjustable Angle Shelf Brackets

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The Slatwall Adjustable Angle Shelf Brackets are made of steel for maximum strength and are easily adjusted for different angles.

The SWGSTOP Support Tip clips on to the end of the bracket to prevent the shelf slipping off.

Board shelves are secured to the bracket by screwing through the Plastic Shelf Rest.

Close-up of Backplate
Showing how the
Adjustable Angle
Bracket works

 Close-up of End of Bracket
Showing the SWGSTOP Support Tip and
Plastic Shelf Rest


  Select from four fixed angles

    To stop your stock sliding off the sloping shelf an acrylic or similar lip is fixed to the board shelf
as shown in the picture at the top of the page.
It is currently outside the scope of this web site to supply this item. It is generally manufactured
to order and installed by your builder, joiner or installer